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UHPC Ultra-High Performance Concrete Planetary Mixer

2023-04-07 19:40:41

The vertical shaft UHPC Ultra-High Performance Concrete Planetary Mixer is an efficient mixing equipment specially developed for the characteristics of difficult-to-mix materials in the industry combined with advanced technology. It uses the principle of relative motion of the planets to perform high-intensity mixing on materials to achieve efficient production and energy saving. , The purpose of improving the quality of production. Ultra-High Performance Concrete Planetary Mixer, as a cost-effective, beautiful, environmentally friendly and durable material, has become very popular in recent years. The production of UHPC Planetary Mixer has high requirements on mixers, especially UHPC materials, which make mixing more difficult. The mixing effect of UHPC Ultra-High Performance Concrete Planetary Mixer is compound. The rubbing action will mix the combined material evenly. Convection and diffusion flow are more advanced in processing materials of various properties.

UHPC Planetary Mixer

UHPC Ultra-High Performance Concrete Planetary Mixer can adjust the mixing and mixing process in time through the two functions of preset and regulation. Precise production and reliable handling. Concrete Planetary Mixer is also different from ordinary mixers in terms of component configuration. In order to ensure that the processing of Ultra-High Performance Concrete is sufficient, this equipment has a lot of work clothes on the component configuration, such as frequency conversion control mixing barrel and mixing tool set. The mixing uniformity is ideal. Concrete Planetary Mixer can also be equipped with a control cabinet, which is convenient for comprehensive observation of the material processing status, fully automatic control and adjustment equipment, easy to operate and easy to use.

internal structure of Planetary Mixer

Concrete Planetary Mixer, as a vertical planetary mixing equipment, is mainly used in the low-speed mixing process of high and low viscosity. The most common mixing component is the built-in 3-layer multi-layer paddle type low-speed mixing paddle, and the material cylinder is movable. High-viscosity products can be extruded with a press machine, so how should users operate after purchasing the machine?
One, the first is to connect the electricity. It is necessary to ensure that the ground wire of the planetary mixer is connected normally to avoid accidents.
2. During inching debugging, from the top to the bottom, the rotation direction of the planetary carrier of the planetary mixer is clockwise. If it rotates in the opposite direction, then the power connection is wrong, and the power supply should be reconnected.
3. When the barrel of the planetary mixer is loaded and pushed into the machine base, the barrel must be fixed first, and the equipment can only be operated after the planetary frame and the barrel are sealed to prevent the rotation of the planetary frame from hurting the operator.
4. If the material needs vacuum degassing, first check whether the water tank of the planetary mixer is full of water, and then turn on the vacuum pump to check the sealing performance of the vacuum pipeline to prevent air leakage. When turning off the vacuum, first close the ball valve in front of the vacuum pump. When raising the planetary cover, the air vent should be opened first, and the pressure can only be raised after the pressure is relieved.
5. When using the hydraulic station of the planetary mixer, pay attention to observe the pressure indication, and it is not suitable to open it too much. When the pressure pointer shakes, it indicates that the pressure has been exceeded and needs to be relieved.
6. After using the planetary mixer, when cleaning the barrel, all power must be cut off before cleaning to prevent electric shock.
7. When producing materials, it is strictly forbidden to put your hands into the barrel to prevent danger.
8. If there is any abnormal sound during the operation of the planetary mixer, it must be stopped immediately for inspection, and the operation can only be restarted after the fault is eliminated.

UHPC Ultra-High Performance Concrete Planetary Mixer

In the mixing of medium and high viscosity products, planetary mixers are most widely used. The blade forms generally have the following types: folding leaf type, butterfly paddle, frame type. So, what should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of UHPC Ultra-High Performance Concrete Planetary Mixer?
1. Before starting the machine, check whether there is oil in the lubricating part, and fill it frequently.
2. Check whether there is material leakage in the sealing parts of the body wall.
3. Regularly check the tightness of the transmission belt, and regularly check, adjust or replace it.
4. Regularly check whether the steam pipe is leaking. When the machine stops, the safety valve should be closed to ensure the reliability of the pressure gauge of the safety valve.
5. Every six months, the equipment should be dismantled and inspected to check whether the wearing parts are damaged, and make corresponding adjustments and replacements.

Performance Concrete Planetary Mixer for sale

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