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Lightweight foam concrete machine for casting under and producing lightweight concrete

2023-04-13 17:53:11

Lightweight concrete making machine and foam concrete equipment is a new generation of foam concrete special-purpose machine developed in combination with its own years of construction and production experience and synchronized with international advanced foam concrete production equipment technology. The lightweight concrete machine for sale is composed of three parts: the main machine, the mixer, and the feeding machine, and the delivery pipeline, maintenance tools and accessories are randomly distributed.

lightweight foam concrete machine

lightweight foam concrete machine manufacturer

lightweight foam concrete machine for producing lightweight blocks

Lightweight concrete making machine is powered by compressed air, the time is short, the foam is independent reticular bubbles, the foam is rich, fine, large, and the capacity can reach 5-40m³/h. Light weight, easy to move or hang on the ground for construction. The operation is simple, and the foam can be produced when the machine is turned on. The foam is fine and delicate, like cheese, and various foaming agents at home and abroad can be used. The power can be adjusted according to customer requirements to reduce noise, reduce the amount of foaming agent, and reduce power consumption.

lightweight foam concrete machine for casting under

lightweight concrete machine

lightweight concrete machine supplier

large capacity foam concrete making machine

1. The shell of the lightweight foam concrete equipment is made of high-strength precision steel plate, and the surface is treated with 280-degree high-temperature baking paint, which is durable;
2. The floor heating cushion pouring equipment is small in size and light in weight, which is convenient for transportation and loading and unloading;
3. Automatic feeding of cement, automatic mixing of cement slurry, automatic foaming of foaming agent, and automatic pumping of foamed concrete slurry by the main machine;
4. The main pump of the cement foam roof insulation layer equipment is controlled by a frequency converter, and the delivery volume can be displayed digitally;
5. The output of slurry is uniform and stable, and the finished foam concrete has uniform density and stable quality;
6. The cement foam roof insulation layer equipment adopts the most advanced hose pump pumping system, which is easy to operate, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and low cost;
7. Compared with other similar equipment, each cubic meter of product can save 50-100KG of cement consumption, greatly reducing production costs and improving economic benefits;
8. Professional technical team, perfect after-sales service, provide professional door-to-door technical guidance, so that you have no worries.

foam concrete machine with foam agent

foam concrete machine with agent for sale

delivery foam concrete machine

Lightweight foam concrete machine application:
1. Production of foamed concrete and lightweight blocks with cement and fly ash as raw materials;
2. Foam concrete roof insulation engineering, cushion engineering, floor heating engineering, filling engineering, etc.;
3. Production of foam concrete products.

foam concrete machine with pump

foam concrete machine for making blocks

foam concrete machine for casting wall

delivery foam concrete machine

Lightweight concrete making machine working principle:

Lightweight concrete making machine working principle

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