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Refractory castable planetary concrete mixer for sale

2023-03-31 17:39:11

Refractory castable planetary concrete mixer for sale can mix all kinds of high-quality, high-performance concrete, and can achieve uniform mixing in the shortest time.

refractory castable planetary concrete mixer

High-efficiency refractory castable planetary concrete mixer has become a popular choice in the industry. As a refractory material producer, they all want to improve production processing efficiency and ensure production quality. Therefore, many people use refractory material mixers, or the efficiency cannot be improved. Or the uniformity of the slurry does not meet the production requirements. If you want to talk about a truly reliable refractory castable mixer, you have to find a reliable big-name Refractory pan mixer manufacturer. This powerful and efficient refractory material mixer can beat most mixing and mixing equipment on the market. Let’s reveal it below. The efficient refractory castable How does the planetary concrete mixer ensure the uniformity of slurry mixing.

refractory castable mixer for sale

We all know that the general refractory castable pan mixer has an unsatisfactory mixing state and production errors due to immature mixing technology. The reason why the refractory material mixer can mix materials evenly is mainly due to its "black technology". The refractory castable planetary concrete mixer turbulent three-dimensional mixing technology can enable the equipment to quickly complete the mixing process and promote the high homogenization of materials.

refractory castable planetary mixer

1. Excellent mixing performance
The rotation direction of a hybrid star is opposite to the revolution direction, and the direction of each hybrid star is also different. Circulation and convection movements cause violent mixing of materials. Counter current impact can avoid agglomeration of materials, fully mix and achieve materials, micro uniform distribution.
2. High mixing efficiency and low energy consumption
The new concept of planetary mixer for refractory materials makes the mixing trajectory complex, stirring vigorously, and achieving high efficiency. Under the same conditions, compared to traditional planetary mixers, the mixing time can be shortened by 15-20%. The newly designed and transmission system has higher transmission efficiency. Optimized mixing device design provides better mixing results. The no-load current and load current of the same material can be reduced by 15-20% compared to traditional planetary mixers.
3. Comprehensive consideration of handling safety
The key-type emergency stop device inside the junction box can immediately stop the mixer in an emergency. Please remove the key during maintenance to ensure safety. The observation opening on the access door helps to observe the mixing condition during the operation of the mixer. The access door is equipped with a highly reliable and sensitive safety switch to ensure that the motor cannot be powered on with the door.

production processes of castable refractory planetary mixer

We are refractory castable planetary concrete mixer factory, we can customize according to your requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will provide you with corresponding product parameters and quotations. E-mail:

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