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Trailer mounted concrete pump for sale

2019-09-04 19:10:18

The Trailer mounted concrete pump is widely used in construction of secondary pouring construction (such as construction columns, invisible columns, etc.), highway, railway tunnels, urban subways, underground caverns of hydropower stations, etc., anchor grouting, consolidation grouting and backfill grouting; Grouting of anchor piles on slopes and soft rock reinforcement; concrete wet spray can also be achieved with a air compressor.

trailer concrete pump for sale

The advantages of trailer concrete pump for sale are as follows:

The pump's power consumption is very small, and it can work with a small generator for one day without power.

It is the smallest concrete pump in the country and is a good choice for many narrow construction environments.

The pump is light in weight, easy to move, adaptable to various environments, high pumping pressure and long distance.

High pump configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long life. 

Trailer mounted concrete pump

The trailer mounted concrete pump for sale is used for the construction of large-scale buildings and the junction of the corners and walls of the building. The interior of the doors and windows and the middle of the long wall are filled with concrete. Some pillars are combined with the round beam, the ground beam and the foundation beam to enhance the masonry of the building. Stability and shock resistance. The light weight is easy to move and can be placed directly on the floor for on-site pouring. The amount of pourable a day is tens of times more labor in terms of productivity.

Also, the mounted concrete pump for sale adopts hydraulic feeding, and the vibrating net filtering parallel bar reciprocating operation can fully transport various mortars, fine stone concrete and the like in construction applications. This product has an excellent displacement, high pressure, labor saving, and flexible movement. It is an ideal mortar conveying equipment.

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