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Spraying plaster pump price

2018-02-13 14:44:09

Spraying plaster machine price is designed for injecting cement mortar. And the spraying plaster pump price are widely used in the cement mortar injection of express way, rail way, tunnels, over-head bridges, sub-way, hydro-power station, underground structures for the purpose of anchorage injection, back-filling injection and so on. Plaster machine price advantage: rational design, integration of pumps and compressors, mobile convenience; Continuous, no pulse phenomenon. Spraying uniformity, strong adhesion function is all ready, Spray gun and nozzle connection can choose any direction, easy to operation.
The future of
plaster pump price:

1. Sustainable and stable, no impulse involved. Stable flow rate with adjustable pressure.

2. Cement mortar liquidity is good out of the sloping design; Easy to move out of its light weight and wheels installed.

3. The pump has very good performance in pumping heavy (or high-density) cement mortar.

4. Screw type is more stable and high capacity with low energy cost.

Spraying plaster machine

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