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Foam concrete machine for backfill foundation trench

2017-12-17 15:10:25

Foam concrete has become to the most popular material for backfill foundation trench. It has many advantages compared with other materials, such as:

1. High strength with low density

Typical cast densities range from 25 to 55 pcf, with compressive strengths of 40 to 750 psi, respectively. With its low density, foam concrete imposes little vertical stress on the substructure, a particularly important issue in areas sensitive to settlement. Due to its low density, foam concrete is a viable solution for reducing loading on burdened soil. Additionally, foam concrete is less susceptible to differential settlement. Heavier density foam concrete with higher strengths is produced and used for specialty applications. Lightweight backfill, bridge abutment backfill, abutment backfill

2. Rigid
Well-bonded body foam concrete forms a rigid, well-bonded body after gelling (hydrating); thus, it is effectively a freestanding structure on its own and does not impose lateral loads on adjacent structures. The material can be constructed into various formations and profiles by forming and stepping of successive lifts. Foam concrete can also be machined to create a desired effect. Load reduction, lightweight fill, load reducing, load-reducing

3. No Compaction Required

In some cases mechanical compaction can be difficult and unsafe due to limited or inaccessible areas. In excavations with poor soils that are not easily or incapable of being compacted, foam concrete forms a 100% compacted foundation over the soft soils. When compaction of conventional backfill against retaining structures or deep foundations, traditional methods can cause damage or movement to the adjacent structure or just be too time consuming. In these instances, foam concrete is a great solution. Lightweight retaining wall backfill, MSE wall backfill, lateral load reduction fill.

4. High Fluidity

Foam concrete pumps easily with relatively low pressures via hose over long distances. For applications over 4000' such as pipe in tunnel backfill, the slurry is pumped through pipe with the pre-formed foam injected near the point of placement. The material is naturally self-leveling and fills the smallest voids, cavities and seams. When placing in excavations, foam concrete conforms to every sub grade contour. Lightweight sub base, foam concrete sub-base, soil stabilization, unsuitable soils, poor underlying soils

5. Rapid Installation

High volume production and placement (via hose) of foam concrete is a continuous operation from a mobile central plant on location. Since the foam is the largest volume contributor in foam concrete, limited deliveries of the raw materials are required, which results in minimal disruption to the construction site.

LD2000 is our most hot sale foam concrete mixer machine and very suitable for backfill foundation trench. This machine is centralized controlled and only one person can operate it. The addition amount of foam can be adjusted accurately. 

LD foam concrete mixing machine

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