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Advantages of foam concrete doing floor heating

2017-12-15 13:33:13

Foam concrete is a good material to floor heating, with the following advantages:

1. Uniform cooling, comfort: floor heating system for radiant heat transfer principle, and air conditioning, heating and other forced convection circulation through hot air heating, air flow in the dust is much smaller, reducing the spread of harmful bacteria in the air, indoor The environment is more hygienic and clean, and the floor heating system also creatively uses the human body temperature feeling. The care from the foot makes people feel more comfortable and the family is full of warmth.

2. Clean and healthy: floor heating system can effectively promote foot blood circulation, thereby improving systemic blood circulation, promote metabolism, inhibition of cardiovascular disease; especially for the elderly and children, for arthritis, patients with old cold legs more Preventative effect And to a certain extent, improve their immune capacity.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving: floor heating system heating compared with the traditional convection heating mode is about 30% energy saving, warm in the transmission process less heat loss and heat concentrated in the height of the human body benefit, even if the indoor set temperature than the convection Low heating 2 ~ 5 ℃, but also make people feel the same warmth. Warm to fully save energy, and will not make any noise, no dust, is a very environmentally friendly energy-saving products.

4. Elegant: After the installation of the entire system, the indoor no longer radiator and its branches, virtually increase 2% to 3% of the indoor use of the area, not only for decoration and furniture layout, for tens of thousands of yuan per square meter price, No doubt save tens of thousands of dollars for you.

5. Safe and reliable: to warm acid and alkali salt corrosion, high pressure, high temperature, resistant to penetration, no rust, does not produce tube fouling, the tube to keep smooth, small friction, to maintain good water quality is non-toxic environmentally friendly product.

6. Long life: to warm the service life of up to 50 years and almost the same life with the building, greatly reducing the running radiator, run, drip, leaking and maintenance to the residents of the troubles.

7. Efficient sound insulation: general use of precast panels or cast floor slab, the sound insulation is poor, upstairs walking, it affects the downstairs, the use of floor heating increased insulation, with very good sound insulation, can reduce noise pollution, No noise during heating, is conducive to the family's physical and mental health.

Lead Equipment is a manufacturer specialized in manufacture and sales of
foam concrete machine. It can be used in floor heating. 

foam concrete doing floor heating

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