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Spray plastering machine for wall

2019-05-29 14:45:38

Spray plastering machine is a high-efficiency spraying machine that has introduced German technology and has been successfully developed several times. Has a fast speed. Small volume. Light weight and other advantages. The new rotary anti-blocking nozzle has been successfully sprayed. The problem of nozzle clogging is completely solved. The entire sprayer requires only three people during construction. That is, one person supplies raw materials. One person controls the spray. Another person can do more than 10,000 square meters per day by doing assistance work.

The application of plastering machine for wall is as follows: engineering grouting to reinforce various pressure grouting in reservoirs, hydropower stations, dams, ports and wharfs; foundation treatment, soft foundation reinforcement grouting; backfill grouting and bolt support in tunnels, subways, mine construction; Ground source heat pump deep well construction (new technology) can be used for mud circulation and mortar backfill; construction floor scale, masonry or plastering mortar transportation; mechanical spray plastering commercial mortar or mortar with equivalent performance and spray plastering ;

The Spray plastering machine for wall operates as follows:

1. Add water to the hopper before starting the machine, adjust the speed to medium and high speed, in order to achieve the effect of running the wet pipe, only run briefly, then drain the water.

2. Put the evenly mixed material into the hopper, and then lock the pipe and nozzle to the spray nozzle of the main machine.

3. Before starting the spray, first press the air compressor to 6kg pressure (match air compressor: 300-500L/min) and then connect the nozzle.

4. Turn on the power, align the muzzle with the hopper, adjust the air pressure and speed, to achieve the atomization state of the material, and stop the wind.

5. When the commissioning is accurate, immediately move the nozzle and spray throat to the construction site.

6. During the construction process, the pipeline is filled with paint, which is not suitable for shutdown for a long time. If the power is cut off, the pipeline should be cleaned immediately.

7. If the tube is under pressure, it must be covered with cloth before the tube is cleaned to protect your eyes from injury. 

plastering machine for wall

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