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Grout mixer for epoxy grout mixing

2019-05-31 14:53:14

Grout mixer for epoxy grout mixing is a professional machine for structural high-pressure chemical grouting, using single-liquid chemical grouting material. It has ultra-high pressure without pressure source and quick construction. The body of the fuselage is light in weight and easy to move with ease of movement. It completely solves the inconvenience of relying on traditional hand-pressed air source for power and carrying heavy machinery. The structure design is scientific and simple, it can be repaired without special training, and a humanized self-priming feeding system is newly added. It uses mechanical power to raise the working pressure to 4500 psi (300kg/cm2) in 3-6 seconds, and the liquid waterstop can be effectively poured into the fine crack of 0.1mm, and the construction efficiency is three times faster than the traditional technology. Above, the waterproof and leakproof effect is more durable and effective. Epoxy grout mixer is a construction, underground engineering, water conservancy project, environmental protection project, municipal, subway, tunnel, culvert project, anti-leakage construction, crack reinforcement equipment, is the choice of professional water stop construction.

epoxy grout mixer

Features of epoxy grout mixing machine:

1. Environmental protection: good mechanical performance, no noise, no pollution.

2. Safety: reliable technology, reasonable structure and safe use.3. Efficient: It can reach 0---50Mpa working pressure in a few seconds. Advanced technology, time saving, labor saving and high efficiency.

4. Portable: small size, light weight (body weight 5kg), easy to carry, easy to operate.

5. Pressure is continuous: continuous high pressure makes the agent effectively block the micro-gap, micro-seam, micro-hole and capillary filling in the crucible structure.

6. Non-destructive structure: directly grouting the grouting nozzle for grouting, not grooving, not burying the pipe, and the structure is not damaged.

7. With water plugging: leakage to various gaps, honeycomb leakage, underground water, can directly bring water to grout. The slurry can be effectively injected deep into the crack.

8. Multi-function: multi-purpose machine, plugging grouting, consolidation grouting, crack reinforcement grouting.

9. Durable: easy maintenance, easy maintenance, sturdy and durable, easy to clean.

epoxy grout mixing machine

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