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Introduction of Soil Spraying Technology

2018-07-05 11:55:20

At present, the soil spraying technology is widely used, so what is the local soil spray technology?

First, the background of the widespread application of soil spraying technology:

With the acceleration of urbanization and the gradual development of various development and construction projects, a large number of exposed slopes have been formed. These exposed slopes have not only caused serious damage to the original soil and water conservation functions, but also caused landslides to collapse, while also greatly destroying the ecological landscape. Although traditional protection measures such as anchors, mortar masonry frameworks, cement skeletons, retaining walls and other protective measures can effectively ensure the stability of slopes, they are not well coordinated with the surrounding landscape and far from satisfying the modern urban landscape and people's aesthetic requirements. However, the soil and soil spraying technology can meet the dual needs of ecological restoration and green protection at the same time.

Second, introduction of soil spraying technology:

The technology of spraying soil on the soil refers to the basis of plant growth—the soil and the organic substrate, binder, water retention agent, fertilizer, acid-base regulator and seeds are mixed in a certain proportion, and after being fully stirred by the machine, the utilization is utilized. The power provided by the sowing and sowing seeders is sprayed onto the slope to form the soil layer where the plants grow. After the seeds germinate and grow into flats, it can effectively protect the stability of the slope, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly reconstructing the vegetation ecosystem and biological slope protection.

Third, the principle of soil spraying technology:

The mechanism of slope protection by special soil spray is not the same as that of engineering protection and plant protection. Engineering protection mainly protects unstable rock or soil slope by means of mortar plastering, jointing or spraying, and stone slope protection or facing wall. Vegetation protection is mainly through the process of planting grass, turf and planting shrubs, mainly to beautify the road capacity, coordinate the surrounding environment, and use the culvert to fix the soil, the reinforcement of the shallow roots and the anchoring action of the deep roots, to a certain extent Improve the stability and erosion resistance of the relatively stable soil slope. Obviously, the guest soil spray is aimed at stable stone slopes, hard soil slopes and special soil slopes that are not suitable for plant growth. The essence is artificially creating “soil”, which creates basic conditions for plant settlement and growth, to achieve greening of bare slopes. It also has a certain protective effect, but a flexible, superficial layer of slope protection, in addition to the construction of the anchor bolt and the hanging net closely connected to the shallow surface slope and the vegetation substrate is stable, it also shows the following two points: The plant community formed on the slope reduces the impact and erosion of the rain on the slope by means of precipitation interception and interception of the plant leaf system, and at the same time slows the flow rate of the rainwater, thereby directly reducing the flow rate. The scouring effect on the slope surface; the sprayed substrate isolates the rock slope from the outside, effectively slowing down and suppressing the weathering and shedding of the rock mass under natural factors.

Fourth, the application of soil spraying machine:

The soil spraying machine is widely used in farming paddy fields, lawns, flower trees, crop seeds, etc. It can also be used for irrigation, fertilizer, pesticide spraying and other routine maintenance and soil improvement operations. The sprayer can also organically mix seeds, fertilizers, soil improvers, binders, humectants, fiber seed cover materials, straw, yellow-red soil, soil, sandy loam, clay, and some strong, differentiated rock, improving the soil, Large-scale, high-concentration slurry of heavy metal concentration erupts evenly. 

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