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Soil Spraying Machine Operation Process

2018-07-03 18:12:01

The soil spraying machine is now widely used in many greening projects. It is ideal greening equipment. What is the operation process of the soil spraying machine?

1. Clean up the broken surface: mainly to clean up the sludge, schist and gravel on the slope to ensure the smooth and stable slope, and lay a good foundation for the later work.

2. To perform the operation of hanging nets and anchoring: During the construction operation, the three-dimensional net should be laid as far as possible from the bottom to the top, so that the three-dimensional net and the slope surface can be better and tighter together.

3. Loading operation: It is necessary to put a certain amount of water into the tank of the guest soil spraying machine, and then add the sieved soil, peat, crude fiber, compound fertilizer, polymer binder, water retaining agent, etc. Stir the material until it is sufficiently homogeneous.

4. The base layer is sprayed and mixed: the spray and mixing operation is performed on the soil and spray, and the position of the three-dimensional network is required to be covered.

5. The last step is to spray, cover, and maintain: mix the grass, compound fertilizer, pulp, wood fiber, water retention agent, and water according to a certain ratio, and then spray it into the pre-prepared by the guest soil spray machine. The surface of the base layer is covered with a non-woven fabric and the like immediately after completion.

The above is a guide for soil spraying machine. If you want to know more information about soil spraying machine, you could contact us freely, email is! Thank you!

In order to better recommend the appropriate soil spraying machine, please tell me the answers of the following questions:

1. For what project (highway or golf course or other);

2. Spraying height and slope;

3. Engineering green area.

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