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Easy lawn hydroseeder for sale

2018-07-06 16:32:16

The hydroseeder is mixing and spraying the soil, grass seeds, water, reinforced fiber etc. to the ground. The reinforced fiber plays a network reinforcement function similar to the plant roots, so that it has a certain thickness and is resistant to rain and wind, and is firm and breathable, and natural. The surface soil is similar or superior to the porous stable soil structure.

When using
easy lawn hydroseeder, the following should be pay attention to:

Grass species selection. The grass species to be sprayed should be perennial varieties with developed roots, fast growing, drought-resistant, and barren-resistant; If the local winter is cold, the frost resistance of the varieties should also be considered and used.

Hanging the net. First, fix the anchor nails on the stone wall at a certain distance, and then hang the net.

Mixed the grass seeds by using the
easy lawn hydro seeder. The use of grass species complementarities, such as deep roots and shallow roots, legumes and grasses, field and local, early development and late development, mixed spray. Hydroseeder price is mainly based on the tank capacity, the diesel engine choose.

The amount of water retention agent and adhesive. The water retaining agent can be adjusted according to the climatic conditions of each place and the characteristics of the stone field; the binder can be determined according to the slope of the stone wall, and is proportional to the slope.

Spraying the substrate is an important factor to ensure the success of the spray. Peat soil is a good material for spraying. It can be mixed with wood fiber (or pulp) in a certain ratio. It has better adhesion and water retention than pure wood fiber alone. It can be thinner and very thin in the soil layer. Even the surface of the weathered rock is sprayed, and the general thickness of the spray is 10-20 cm.

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