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Strong power soil spray grass machine for sale

2019-10-28 16:17:00

Strong power soil spray grass machine is the best ideal choice for large-scale projects such as mine reclamation, highways, commercial and industrial sites. Leadcrete is a manufacturer of soil spray grass machine. With the PB series strong power soil spray grass machine from Leadcrete, you can carry out professional quality hydroponic projects, fiber coverage, fertilization, straw sticking, leaf feeding, dust removal, remote watering and many other efficient, cost-effective and efficient Profitable application.

soil spray grass machine for sale

PB series strong power soil spray grass machine is suitable for a variety of rock, hard soil, sandy soil, barren land, acid soil, arid zone, coastal dam and other places where plant growth is difficult. PB series strong power soil spray grass machine is widely used in highway slope greening, mine greening, ecological restoration and other projects, and can play an irreplaceable role in preventing soil erosion, landslide and other soil and water conservation and slope protection projects.

selling of soil spray grass machines

PB series strong power soil spray grass machine features:
1. The PB series strong power soil spray grass machine is driven by a single diesel engine and centralized electronic control. It is easy and convenient to operate and suitable for field work.
2. Using hydraulic transmission paddle mixing, combined with reflux scouring and agitation mode to form a three-dimensional mixing to ensure that the soil, organic mixture of clay, seeds, fertilizers and auxiliary materials is quickly and evenly stirred in the tank;

soil spray grass machine price

PB series strong power soil spray grass machine has a professionally designed solid-liquid pump, which can smoothly spray out the mud-grass seed mixture with no more than 2 cm of solid particles. It is not blocked and uninterrupted, and has strong adaptability to soil quality. The output pressure is large, and the spray head is high; the viscous material can be transported, the thickness of the sprayed spray layer can be increased, or the density of the sprayed grass seed material can be increased by increasing the viscosity under the condition of the large angle slope. Blanking. The high slope can be connected with rubber wear-resistant pipe to increase the lift and facilitate construction. The pump body of PB series guest soil spraying machine is easy to install and disassemble, and the maintenance is simple. Special screening-free setting, no more than 10% of the soil for spraying with no stones, can be directly loaded and automatically screened. PB series PB series strong power soil spray grass machine is equipped with 360-degree free-rotating universal nozzle, and is equipped with long and short fan-shaped nozzles and guide tube valves, which are convenient to exchange according to different working surfaces.

soil spray grass machine cost

Leadcrete is a company specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling of soil spray grass machines.If you need a high quality, affordable soil spray grass machine, please help us confirm the following points:
1. What project is used for, highway, golf course, mine greening, etc.?
2. Spray height and slope.
3. Engineering green area.
After confirming these points, we will select the most suitable machine for you to assist you in your work. Don't hesitate, please contact us directly:

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