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Hot sale CLC making machine in Malaysia

2022-05-05 17:28:37

Hot sale CLC block making machine in Malaysia
Malaysia CLC block making machine is very suitable for the production of foamed concrete and the making of concrete bricks. It is produced by the manufacturer of foam concrete products, Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. It is sold well at home and abroad and has received many domestic and foreign customers. Such as the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Kazakhstan and other countries.
CLC block making machine especially hot sale in Malaysia.
Let me show you the working process of Malaysia CLC block making machine:
Cement, sand, water and other raw materials after a certain proportion of mixing into slurry, and then through the foam concrete pump into the pipe. The in-machine foaming system mixes the water with the foaming agent in a predetermined proportion and then injects high pressure air to produce high density and uniform size foam. The high-density foam and slurry are thoroughly mixed in the pipe, the evenly porous lightweight concrete slurry is poured into the mold to make the surface smooth, solidified at 15℃ ~ 25℃ for 48 hours and then watered.

Malaysia CLC block making machine

CLC blocks produced by our Malaysia CLC block making machine have many advantages:
Foamed concrete does not pollute the natural environment such as soil, water and air. At the same time, foamed concrete can be used in the construction of filling projects to avoid damage to the environment, such as high filling and excavation. It is of great significance to protect the natural ecological environment and has obvious environmental protection advantages. Foamed concrete contains a large number of closed holes. Compared with other materials, air has the best thermal inertia and greatly reduces the thermal conductivity of foamed concrete. Foam concrete (CLC) is an inorganic material and therefore not flammable. Tests in several countries, including tests on ASTM standards, have shown that 15cm thick load-bearing foamed concrete slab walls can withstand fire for more than 7 hours. Therefore, foamed concrete is often used as an insulating material in the field of building energy conservation. Foamed concrete is a kind of Portland cement product, which has good durability, corrosion resistance, heat preservation, frost resistance and corrosion resistance, effectively extending the service life of the structure.

 CLC block making machine for sale
If you want to make foam concrete blocks, our CLC block making machine for sale is perfect for your requirements. Our Malaysia CLC block making machine is a five-in-one machine that includes a foaming system, feed system, agitation system, pumping system and control system for easy operation. And, we offer free online guides. Of course, we also offer mold making foam concrete blocks. There are two types of molds: interlocking molds and solid molds. For interlocking dies, we offer 600 * 250 * 150mm (6 per mold) and 550 * 275 * 300mm (6 per mold) for your choice. For solid molds, we offer 600 * 200 * 100mm (20 per mold) and 600 * 200 * 200mm (10 per mold) for your choice. If you need other sizes, we can customize it for you.Please feel free to contact us.All the staff of Gaodetec are looking forward to your arrival.

CLC block making machine hot sale in Malaysia


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