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Hydro soil spraying seeding machine for large-scale greening

2019-10-28 16:32:13

Hydro soil spraying seeding machine is widely used in China for ecological restoration and large-scale greening operations, especially in areas where droughts lack irrigation facilities.
Hydro soil spraying seeding machine is suitable for stone slope, barbed wire slope, high slope, sprayed with thicker slope, high efficiency, suitable for large area. Construction, spray thickness of up to 10 cm, lift 20-150 meters, is the first choice for long-term greening, can be suitable for a variety of slopes, the lead can reach 100 meters. Spraying technology has been recognized as an efficient, low-cost bare vegetation restoration technology with significant results. There are many reasons why the hydraulic seeding effect is very good. The seeds are suspended in a nutrient-rich slurry. The seeds come into contact with the water in the machine and reach the germination cycle. The cover seals moisture and keeps the soil in place. The seeds are at the desired depth for good results. It is conditional to produce lush green lawns in a short period of time. 

hydro soil spraying seeding machine

For the hydro soil spraying seeding machine produced by Leadcrete, the hybrid system has two options. One is mechanical and the other is hydraulic.
Mechanical mixing uses a chain gearbox for forward and reverse agitation. The advantage of chain agitation is that workers are easy to understand and repair. The disadvantage is that the machine vibrates very much and small problems may occur.
The hydraulic stirring type uses a hydraulic motor to drive the hydraulic oil pump for agitation. Hydraulic stability is higher than mechanical type. When replacing and replacing, special engineers and workers are required.
Both hybrid systems for hydraulic planters for sale are quite mature. Therefore, you can choose one of them to meet your project requirements.

hydro soil spraying seeding machine for large-scale greening

Scope of application:
Hydro soil spraying seeding machine is usually carried out in an environment with poor site conditions and relatively complex geological structures. Hydro soil spraying seeding machine is usually carried out in harsh field conditions and relatively complex geological formations. Portable hydraulic seeders are widely used in highway greening, ecological restoration, greening design, slope greening, mine greening, mining area restoration, land resource reuse, riverside slope, quarry and other slope protection greening and other ecological protection projects.

hydro soil spraying seeding machine for ecological restoration

Conventional material:
1. Soil: high quality tillage soil.
2. Matrix material: grass or peat soil, grass fiber or wood fiber, fertilizer, water retention agent, binder, humus, active calcium, etc.
3. Equipment: Molding sprayer or homemade equipment.
4. Seeds: species of plants, shrubs and flowers.
5. Others: lead wire mesh, anchor net or mesh, non-woven fabric, etc.
The choice and proportion of the matrix material is directly related to the soil and water conservation of the slope, the stability of the sprayed material and the growth of the plant. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the matrix reasonably according to the slope conditions of the hydro soil spraying seeding machine and the site conditions.
Construction process of soil seed spray:
1. Work surface cleaning: Backfill the soil at a low level or backfill it with a vegetable bag. In order to facilitate the construction of the soil seed spray, while increasing the greening effect of the work surface.
2. Covering the barbed wire: the hanging net can make the soil matrix form a long-lasting integral plate on the rock surface.
3. Soil seed spraying.
4. Cover non-woven fabric: the purpose is to prevent the working surface after molding from being washed by rain; the second is to keep warm and moisturize and promote the growth of plants.
5. Maintenance management: During the period from budding to seedling, the grass must be watered to keep the soil moist.

hydro soil spraying seeding machine for sale

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