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Mountain slope virescence engineering hydroseeder

2022-03-06 14:34:48

Hydroseeding technology is becoming more and more popular in slope greening projects. Our factory is a professional manufacturer of hydroseeder equipment in China, and has rich experience in slope greening engineering. Here we show you the cost of hydro seeding projects in China.

Hydroseeder technology is widely used in road greening, ecological restoration, greening design, slope greening, mine greening and other fields. In terms of mine greening and mining area restoration, the pollution of mine wasteland will be repaired and the reuse of land resources will be realized.

mountain slope virescence engineering hydroseeder

There are many reasons why hydroseeding works so well. The seeds are suspended in a nutrient-rich slurry. The seeds come into contact with the water inside the machine to achieve a germination cycle. The mulch seals in moisture and holds the soil in place. Seeds are at the ideal depth for good results. With the right conditions, a lush green lawn can grow in a very short period of time. The Chinese soil water planter is suitable for large-scale greening operations, especially in arid areas that lack irrigation facilities.

The mountain slope virescence engineering hydroseeder with pump has two powerful drives, high-performance special pump, strong material conveying capacity, and is most suitable for stable soil slopes above 45 degrees, high fill embankment slopes and artificial soil slopes.

The hydroseeder for mountain slope virescence is beautiful in appearance and compact in structure, providing benefits for the majority of users.

The hydroseeder has good overall mobility and complete supporting accessories. Powered by an electric-start diesel engine, the operation is simple and convenient.

hydroseeder for mountain slope virescence

Safe and convenient operation. The hydroseeder machine is equipped with a fully functional operation panel, anti-jump operation platform, detachable, 80cm high, and enclosed fence to ensure the safety of console operators, gun operators and other staff.

Two mixing modes, leaf mixing and circulating spraying, are sufficient to keep the spraying mixture in a state of complete suspension and thorough mixing during planting, and discharge the raw material mixture evenly at one time.

The high-power hydroseeder with pump has a wide range of uses, not only for the spraying of crops such as rice, grass, wood, flowers, seeds, etc., but also for daily care, soil, irrigation, fertilization, pesticide spraying, etc. w
Strong power, the extension distance can reach 60m, equipped with vertical and horizontal spray guns, the maximum operating range can be extended from 200m to 300m; fan-shaped nozzle or mist spray is more suitable for close-up planting to meet various requirements.

hydroseeder for slope green

Mountain slope virescence engineering hydroseeder features:

Beautiful appearance and compact structure.

With good overall mobility and complete set of accessories.

Equipped with electric start diesel engine, easy to operate.

Good work performance and high efficiency.

Various types for you to choose.

During this period, it is the peak period for the use of spray seeders, and this time is also the peak period for customer technical consultation. Just this afternoon, our company's technical staff received two interesting "can" questions. A question and answer, the author will explain it to you next.

slope green hydroseeder

Question 1. Can a soil sifter be installed on the spray seeder?

Answer: The soil sifter cannot be installed

1. If a soil sifter is installed on the spraying machine, the spraying time will be wrong and the efficiency will be affected;

2. If a soil sifter is installed on the spray seeder, it can only sieve loose dry soil. When it encounters wet soil and clay, the vibrating sieve cannot sieve it at all, causing the whole machine to fail to work.

Therefore, it is recommended that the seeding machine and the soil sifter be used separately, the soil should be screened in advance, and the forklift will be directly poured into the seeding machine hopper to improve efficiency.

slope virescence hydroseeder

Question 2. Can the soil sprayer be equipped with wheels?

Answer: Whether or not to install wheels depends on the road conditions:

1. If the road conditions are good, wheels can be added, but the tractor needs to be towed in front of the seeding machine or assembled and self-propelled;

2. If the road conditions are not good, especially on the construction site, it is not recommended to install wheels. After adding wheels, it is not only unpractical but also delays time. The highest efficiency is to fill up the material and put it on the truck while walking.

hydroseeder for golf course

Design and manufacture innovative high-quality hydroseeder for mountain slope virescence. Lead Equipment manufactures high quality Chinese slope green hydroseeder for sale. As for the fuel tank capacity, we have 1000L, 2000L, 4000L, 6000L and 8000L options. For more information on hydroseeder for sale, please email:

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