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Planetary concrete mixer for ceramic raw materials

2022-04-27 18:14:50

Mixing vat with big diameter and then low level of mixture for a perfect final homogeneity.
The advantage of planetary concrete mixer for ceramic raw materials and traditional concrete mixer is that it mainly mixes raw materials such as glass ceramics with a relatively high mixing ratio. Therefore, we need planetary concrete mixers in many places. Of course, there are also forced concrete mixers. Forced concrete mixers have dead corners and cannot fully mix materials. Our planetary concrete mixers can be 360 ° to mix without dead ends.

planetary concrete mixer for ceramic raw materials

Discharging door with big radius and additional discharging blade permit a more fast discharge operation respect the actual mixers present in the market.

The high semplicity of secondary gear box and the employ of a commercial type primary gear box permit very simple maintenance operations and highest operational reliability.

The mixer is available with all optionals and accessories that modern Precast and ReadyMix technology need.

concrete planetary mixer for ceramic raw materials

Mixer dimensions within road transportability with any configuration.
This resulted in the planetary concrete mixer for ceramic raw materials for mixing ceramic raw materials for refractory production line for refractory production, which not only meets this criterion but even further improves the quality of products to be mixed, in particular, when it comes to more difficult mixing tasks. Process times in terms of mixing and discharging were shortened, and one and the same mixer size allows for an enormous variability of batch sizes. For this series, the supplier could make use of the well-proven components of the planetary concrete mixer for ceramic raw materials series. Every single mixer can be perfectly assembled according to the respective product to be mixed.
In order to make optimum use of possible configurations, a new type of code was implemented for the new Leadcrete series. The mixers are configurated in accordance with the specific requirements of the individual customer combining the components needed correspondingly, and not as usual, according to the maximum filling capacity of the vertical axis planetary mixer for mixing ceramic raw materials. The type designation includes the size of the planetary mixer for refractory production line for refractory production and the number of drives used for the mixing turbine, besides the drive power.

We are a long experienced planetary concrete mixers manufacturer.
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