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High pressure grouting pump technology

2022-03-09 14:17:52

Why is the high-pressure grouting pump more and more popular? Because the high-pressure grouting pump uses different technologies, what are the different technologies it uses? Let's listen to the technical staff's discussion!

high pressure grout pump for sale

1. The hydraulic oil cooling adopts an air cooling system, which has a good cooling effect, is more convenient to use, and is not easy to pollute the oil;

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2. Adopting ultra-high pressure technology, the high-pressure grouting pump can play a powerful high-pressure role in long-distance grouting or high-rise building grouting;

high pressure grouting pump

3. The advanced and smooth S-pipe valve reversing technology is adopted to reduce the phenomenon of pipe blockage during grouting with high viscosity slurry;

high pressure jet grouting pump

4. The grouting pressure can be controlled flexibly, no matter the high pressure grouting pump is used in any grouting occasion, it can meet the pressure requirements;

high pressure jet grouting pump

5. The remote control function is added, which makes the high-pressure grouting pump more time-saving, labor-saving and user-friendly in remote grouting.
It is with the above-mentioned distinctive technology that the high-pressure grouting pump is temporarily exposed.

The high-pressure grouting pump can steplessly adjust the grouting flow and grouting pressure. It can pump cement slurry, chemical slurry, etc., similar to the Japanese grouting pump. Widely used in foundation treatment, coal mine, dam curtain grouting and other projects. 

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