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slope green hydroseeder for sale

2019-08-22 15:08:58

The slope green hydroseeder is usually composed of two hydroseeder modes, mechanical transmission and hydraulic slope green hydroseeder. Mechanical hydroseeder is a relatively long, universal hydroseeder. And the stirring shaft is driven by a chain to stir and finish the spraying. Simple structure, easy maintenance and universal operation. The slope greening hydroseeding is a new type of hydroseederdriven by a hydraulic motor. The invention realizes the stirring and spraying of the water seeding machine, is light and flexible, has small volume, and does not have the common failure of mechanical stirring when the machine rotates at high speed. The specific advantages of the hydraulic drive slope greening machines are as follows:

slope greening hydroseeding

Under the same power conditions, the soil seeding machine for slope is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure (for example, the weight of the hydraulic motor is only 15 to 20% of the weight of the same power motor). Thus, its inertia has a small commutation frequency. When a high pressure is applied to the hydraulic drive, a large thrust or a large torque may be output. The low-speed and large-tonnage slope green hydroseeder can be realized, which is a prominent advantage that the mechanical transmission can not be compared. The hydraulic slope green hydroseeder is easy to realize the stepless speed regulation in the operation of the system in a large range, and the mechanical slope green hydroseeder realizes the stepless speed regulation. And a pipe joint and an integrated block are connected between the hydraulic components. Its layout has great flexibility and convenience. When the load is changed, the hydroseeder can carry out the motion of the original so that the load is uniform and stable, and the reversing shock is reduced when the moving part is reversed. And is safe and reliable to use. The moving parts in each hydraulic original work in the oil, and can be self-lubricating and have long service life.

soil seeding machine for slope


 slope green hydroseeder

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