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Shotcrete machine operation manual

2023-09-19 15:28:51

Each model of our company has its own instructions and operating manuals, so when you are considering buying products, do not worry about the situation that will not be used. When receiving the goods, we will attach to the instructions and operations. The manual is inside.

operation manual of shotcrete machine

1. Preparation
A. Connect the machine to the air supply.
B. Check the oil indicators for the Reducer, Air motor, and oil-fog lubricator (please refer to the TMH8A Cylindrical Air Motor User’s Guide) to ensure there is sufficient lubricating oil.
C. Verify that all parts are securely fastened.
D. If there are no issues, start the machine and allow it to run briefly while checking its operational condition. (Note: The machine's operation should align with the arrow marked on the machine. Avoid running the machine continuously for an extended period.)
E. Examine the clamping level on the rubber sealing plate. Tighten the clamping nut until there is no air leakage from the rubber sealing plate. Confirm the tightness using either of the following methods:
(1) Raise the Conveying Hose and open the air valve with a pressure of approximately 0.3MPa. If there is no air leakage, it is considered acceptable.
(2) Start the machine, allow it to run for about half a circle, stop it, and if the rotor stops instantly and runs reversibly for a short time, the tightness can be considered acceptable.

Shotcrete machine manual

2. Shotcreting Operation
Once the aforementioned preparations are complete, load the mixture into the vibrating hopper. Fully open the main valve and partially open the upper air valve to about 1/3 of a circle. Adjust the lower air pressure (for the Vortex Stream Implement) to approximately 0.05-0.1MPa (relative to the conveying distance). Simultaneously, open the water valve on the Nozzle Assy. to pre-dampen the spraying surface. The operator can then start the machine for shotcreting. The conveying pressure should be about 0.2-0.4Mpa. Depending on the conveying distance and water/cement ratio, adjust the air pressure of the Vortex Stream Implement until the spraying speed is suitable (typically a spraying distance of about 0.6-1m). Then, adjust the upper air pressure until there is minimal material escaping from the air overflow opening.

Shotcrete machine operation manual

3. Stop Shotcreting
A. Halt the machine and clear any remaining material.
B. After clearing the hose, close the water valve on the Nozzle Assy.
C. Finally, close the main air valve.
If shotcreting will cease for an extended period, stop adding material first, then keep the machine running until all material in the hopper and chambers has been thoroughly sprayed out. Use a small amount of wet aggregate to clean the hopper and chambers.

wet and dry mix shotcrete machine operation manual

4. Notes

A. Pay close attention to prevent large objects from entering the rotor chambers and potentially damaging the machine.
B. Running the air motor at high speed without any load is not permitted.

If you have any needs about our jet machine, please contact us directly, we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.Operators must undergo training and familiarize themselves with both this manual and the machine's structure before operating it.

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