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Castable refractory cement mixer for sale

2023-09-21 14:09:20

Castable refractory cement mixer for sale is extensively utilized for on-site blending of unshaped refractory materials. It combines pre-prepared non-shaped materials and liquids into construction-ready materials as per specific requirements, catering to the demands of grouting, pressure injection, jetting, and various construction techniques.

refractory cement mixer

refractory cement mixer for sale

castable refractory pan mixer boasts several key advantages:
1. It delivers rapid mixing with uniform consistency, ensuring high efficiency.
2. Its mobility is a standout feature, with models below 250kg equipped with mobile casters, while those exceeding 250kg feature forklift points for ease of transport.
3. Operating the mixer is straightforward, with a bag breaker provided at the feeding point.
4. The operation itself is uncomplicated, facilitated by a control cabinet that allows for easy start and stop functions.
5. Adjusting the water supply regulator permits the fine-tuning of water content based on on-site requirements. The mixer's capacity ranges from 100 to 1000 kgs.

refractory castable cement mixer

castable refractory mixer for sale

Unlike common mixers, our refractory cement mixer boasts several outstanding features, including:
1. High wear-resistant steel liners are installed in both the mixer's bottom and inner wall, significantly enhancing its service life.
2. Unlike cycloidal reducers, our mixer employs a helical-bevel gear motor in its gearbox, providing heavy-duty performance, high efficiency, and exceptional carrying capacity.
3. Our refractory cement pan mixer is equipped with a small water pump that enables automatic control of water addition through the electric control box.
4. A limit switch is incorporated between the top lid door and the hopper. When the top lid is opened, the power supply is automatically cut off, ensuring operator safety.

castable refractory cement mixer

250kg castable refractory cement mixer

If you are interested in the castable refractory cement mixer for sale, please contact us. We have many standard models for your option, and we also could customize the capacity of pan mixer as per your requirement. Please tell us your requirements and we will provide you with the corresponding product parameters and quotations. Email address: 

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