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2m³ hydroseeder with polyethylene tank

2023-08-31 18:22:49

2m³ hydroseeder with polyethylene tank is an efficient and multi-purpose hydraulic seeder that can be used for surface or surface spraying of rock soil, sandy soil and other non-soil organic matter soils. It can spraying seeding of mixtures or similar substances for spraying mixtures of soil, water, fertilizers and other additives, ideal equipment for planting machinery and ecological restoration.

 2m³ hydroseeder for sale

LHS0217PT 2m³ hydroseeder with polyethylene tank is perfect for seeding residential lawns, lawn repair, and nurseries, and revitalizing small municipal landscaping, commercial landscaping projects, parks, sports fields, cemeteries, and other areas.

 2m³ hydroseeder

The polyethylene tank used in the hydroseeder ensures durability, resistance to corrosion, and easy cleaning. It eliminates concerns about rusting and provides long-term performance.

 export hydroseeder with poly tank

LHS0217PT mechanical-agitated hydroseeder is an ideal machine for those who need to spray difficult materials and heavy slurries. It is a unit that combines the best features of both jet and mechanical hydroseeders. The aggressive paddle agitation allows you to load full bales without the need to break them up and allows quick mixing of thick slurries of hydro-seeding material.

 gasoline engine small hydroseeder

The LHS0217PT portable hydroseeder is designed with fork pockets for convenient transportation and maximum flexibility. Its lightweight, maneuverable assembly makes the LHS0217PT easy to operate. The LHS0217PT also fits conveniently on a flatbed truck and is dual-axle trailer compatible so you can reach nearly any job site with ease.

 gasoline engine

This unit will cover approximately 6600 square feet per tank full. The spray distance of the tower gun is approximately 28m., generally with one operator. Three included nozzle types mean you can easily switch between a wide hydroseeding nozzle, a straight nozzle, or a trim nozzle for whatever the job requires.

 hydroseeder with poly tank

The hydroseeder is equipped with a heavy-duty polyethylene tank with a capacity of 2 cubic meters (2m³), which is approximately equivalent to 5 US gallons. This larger tank size allows for extended operation and coverage of larger areas.

 hydroseeder with polyethylene tank

If you're interested in purchasing a 2m³ hydroseeder with a polyethylene tank, please let us know your specific requirements, and we will be happy to provide further assistance. We can provide additional details on features, customization options, pricing, and shipping to your location.

 poly tank hydroseeder

At the same time, we can also provide you with customized hydroseeder services, including: tank capacity, tank material, wheels, engine, hose reel, ladder, etc. Any need please contact us, email address:

 polyethylene tank hydroseeder

small poly tank hydroseeder

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