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The reasons of causing shotcrete machine motor burnout

2018-02-24 14:13:55

Shotcrete machine motor burnout will lead to the shotcrete machine can’t work, affecting work efficiency, then we must first understand the cause of burning machine caused by shotcrete machine, and then try to reduce the probability of motor burn out and save workers time. Here we come to understand the next few possible motor burn it.

First, the motor work in the absence for a long time.

This is a three-phase asynchronous motor killer, the quality of the general motor up to ten minutes to burn out. The most frightening thing is the lack of power throughout the system, plus a lot of equipment is self-locking switch or automatically open (such as pumps, fans). A power failure after the power transmission phase loss accident, may burn a dozen motors.

Second, the motor is lack of oil, dry scraping for a long time, there is no medium flow to overheat the motor. It is also a common cause of damage because of reduced insulation due to ingress of moisture or moisture but no protection.

Third, the motor reverses for a long time.

If the protection function is normal (with the appropriate thermal relay), generally does not happen. However, we must always pay attention because of the thermal relay can’t be verified, and the protection of the value is not very accurate, and ultimately to the failure of the protection of the situation.

Fourth, short-circuit at the motor connection.

Among them, the bearing damage, resulting in end cap wear, spindle wear, swept the rotor bore, causing damage to the line package burn is a major reason. Other common reasons are: If the voltage is too low or too high, the vibration caused by the terminal loose short-circuit, pest damage, the import of motor voltage and domestic voltage does not match, the kind of decompression start circuit failure does not convert, the motor for a long time low-voltage work and many more. 

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