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What does wet shotcrete machine need to pay attention to during operation

2018-02-10 17:29:28

Wet shotcrete machine is sprayed into the shotcrete machine before adding water to make a real sense of the mortar or concrete, the use of pressure or pumping process to achieve the technical requirements of the sprayed concrete. What does wet shotcrete machine need to pay attention to during operation? it is as follows:

1. Shotcrete machine access to the power supply, check the connection points of the electronic control system lines are solid, body is reliably grounded, with or without leakage phenomenon.

2. To determine the water on-off valve, wash water on-off valve in the off position, the water pipe joints and water connections.

3. Observe the oil standard, check the host gearbox and metering pump gearbox sufficient.

4. To determine the pneumatic conveying system main air duct manual shut-off valve, the sub-air duct manual shut-off valve in the off position, the main air duct connected to the pressure source.

5. The concrete pipe and quick-setting agent pipe were connected with the nozzle and the body.

6. Set metering pump flow. Loosen the metering pump to adjust the butterfly screw on the front of the handwheel and turn the adjusting handwheel to reduce the flow rate clockwise and the counterclockwise flow rate will increase. The adjusted scale value is the percentage of the maximum flow rate. That is to be set to the maximum output pump output, which means that the indicator should be set at 74.4% on the scale position. Adjust the handwheel per revolution, adjust the amount of 25% of the total output. After setting the flow, tighten the wing nut to lock the adjustment handwheel.

7. Set the motor steering, closed the power switch control power switch, air switch 1DK; press the main motor start button 1OA button to observe the rotor body rotation direction should be consistent with the arrow marked direction. Otherwise, the electric control box power input line phase.

8. Adjust the compression device. First move the nut on the clamping device lever, the initial compression. Then use a wrench tight 2-3 laps. Open the main air duct, the upper airway, the lower airway manual shut-off valve, turn off the auxiliary air duct manual shut-off valve, bend concrete material delivery pipe, when the pressure rises to 0.4Mpa, check the upper and lower sealing plate with no gas leakage should.

9. Check quick-setting agent delivery system. Close the upper air duct and the lower air duct manual shut-off valve to open the manual air shutoff valve of the main air duct. Observing the nozzle should have gas leaks. It can determine the quick-setting agent pipeline without congestion.

10. To determine the quick-setting agent supply switch valve in the off position, fill the quick-setting reagent tank liquid quick-setting admixture. 

wet shotcrete machine

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