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Putty cement mortar sprayer equipment manufacturers China

2018-02-25 10:43:16

As an individual proprietorship putty cement mortar sprayer equipment manufacturers, we have been working with many big customers in Europe and South America.
GD-N1 is just one special putty cement mortar sprayer equipment. It is suitable for spraying high viscosity anti-corrosive coating, decoration putty, painting, glue, texture, and for plaster with more than 30 minutes solidification time etc.
This high pressure airless paint putty cement mortar transfer pump adopts microcomputer chip control, which is of high quality and stable operation. This series products feature for small in size, light weight, convenient to carry, low noise, strong pulverization effect, smooth and even coating, easy to operate, high capacity, etc.
It was equipped with automatically periodical spraying system. For instance, after spraying for 30 seconds, China putty cement mortar sprayer equipment could restart to spray in 2 minutes, which allows you to adjust it manually if needed. So machine or nozzle will not be clogged and you would have a smooth surface finishing without delay. 

Putty cement mortar sprayer equipment

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