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Shotcrete machine is using in the TBM systems

2020-11-05 14:34:20

Shotcrete machine is using in the TBM systems

Leadcrete Equipment is high quality shotcrete system for tunnel boring machines manufacturer and supplier for many years. Below is a case about our shotcrete machine is using in the TBM systems.

TBM shotcrete machine

Our LZ-9L shotcrete machine is using in the TBM( tunnel boring machine) systems for building the China’s South to North water diversion project.

shotcrete machine for TBM systems

This project located in Anyang city, Henan province, its name is “The Anyang Tunnel of West-Middle Diversion Water Engineering”, which is built by the China Railway No.5 Engineering Group Co., ltd. This tunnel is built by TBM which is made by China Railway engineering equipment Group Co., Ltd. (short: CREG), and we are the qualified parts supplier of this CREG, so our LZ-9L shotcrete machine is assembly in this TBM.

China Railway No.5 Engineering Group Co., ltd.

On Nov.3,2020, our engineers go to this project, firstly our engineers go to the worksite to train the operators of the contractor by PPT. Then our engineers do demonstration for the men of contractor, after this, let the operators to actually operate our machine. Our Engineers double check each step when the operator to operate the machine.

shotcrete machine used for tunnel boring machine

When all things are in order, our LZ-9L shotcrete machine start to work to spray the small stone to fill the liner of tunnel. This machine work very well.

shotcrete machine for spraying pea gravel in TBM

Our LZ-9L shotcrete machine,, is used to spray the pea gravel or crushed stone to fill the tunnel liner.

spray the crushed stone to fill the tunnel liner

spray the pea gravel to fill the tunnel liner

If you want to have our LZ-9L shotcrete systems info in details, you can download from our website:, or send your requirement to our email:

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