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Industrial squeeze hose pump for concrete

2020-11-03 18:39:17

Industrial squeeze hose pump for concrete
Leadcrete is located in Zhengzhou City, China. Leadcrete is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production, sales and provision of industrial concrete hose pump equipment services. We has the most advanced imported production equipment and complete production technology. Leadcrete has several independent intellectual property rights.

industrial squeeze hose pump for concrete

The working principle of the industrial squeeze hose pump produced by LEADCRETE. The hose fixed in the pump cavity is compressed by external sliding shoes or pressure rollers to push the medium out to the outlet; the compressed hose immediately returns to its round shape, resulting The vacuum sucks more medium into the inner cavity of the hose, thus completing the conveying cycle again and again. The medium is completely contained in the inner cavity of the hose, and moving parts such as sliding shoes or pressure rollers will not contact it. Therefore, the hose pump is a kind of pump that has no valve, no seal, and no moving parts in contact with the medium.

squeeze hose pump for concrete

1. Unique non-sealed structure, so that it will not produce any leakage;
2. Strong self-priming ability, clean water suction range up to 8 meters
3. The pumped fluid is only in contact with the hose, therefore, it can transport various viscosity, density, corrosive and abrasive fluid materials;
4. It can transport liquid materials containing solid particles, crystals, fibrous substances and other impurities, without any blockage and failure;
5. It can run forward and backward, with self-cleaning ability;
6. Pump start does not need to fill the pump, which is particularly convenient for gap operation;
7. Low vibration and noise, can be fixed on a trolley, mobile operation.
8. Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance
9. Low power consumption, high volumetric efficiency, and good measurement ability.

industrial hose pump for concrete

If you are interested in our industrial squeeze hose pump for concrete or have any questions, you can leave us a message or contact us directly, we will reply as soon as we receive your information.

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