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Shotcrete machine for tunnel subway slope support

2022-09-26 18:07:08

Shotcrete machine for tunnel subway slope support is a kind of equipment used for dry spraying and wet spraying concrete. It is characterized by advanced technology, reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. Whether it is field shotcrete slope protection or building wall reinforcement, it can meet your needs. The shotcrete machine for tunnel subway slope support does not have very high requirements for the medium. As long as the diameter is less than 20mm, it can be sprayed. Shotcrete is to use compressed air to transport concrete mixture with a certain proportion through pipes and spray it on the sprayed surface at a high speed to set and harden, thus forming a concrete support layer.

shotcrete machine for subway

Shotcrete technology, with its simple process, unique effect, economic cost and fast construction speed, is widely used in tunnel, culvert, subway, hydropower engineering, underground engineering and high methane mine roadway shotcrete construction.

shotcrete machine for slope support

Working principle of 
shotcrete machine for slope support
The mixed materials are fed into the hopper of the sprayer through the discharge port of the batching mixer through the vibrating screen mesh. The materials are stirred by the feeder and injected into the straight feed chamber of the rotor. The materials flow with the rotor to the discharge port, where compressed air is introduced from the air chamber to blow the materials into the discharge elbow. Another compressed air is introduced by the hydrocyclone to disperse and accelerate the materials in a multi head wind spiral state, rotate and float them, and enter the feeding pipe, Add a small amount of supplementary water (during wet spraying) to the nozzle and spray it out.

shotcrete machine for tunnel

Shotcrete machine structure:
1. The shotcrete machine for slope support is mainly composed of drive device, rotor assembly, air circuit system, injection system, electrical control box (no control box when explosion-proof motor is used), etc.
2. The fully enclosed oil immersed reducer of the driving device is installed at the bottom of the machine and is driven by three gears. The total transmission ratio is about 87, and the transmission efficiency is 92%. The motor is vertically installed on the reducer, parallel to the rotor shaft.
3. The shotcrete machine for tunnel subway slope support adopts a unique straight through anti sticking rotor with a rotating capacity of 10L and 10 feed cavities. Each feed cavity is lined with non binding materials, which improves the machine's ability to handle wet materials and reduces the workload of cleaning and maintenance.
4. The three spherical valves of the air path system are used to control the main air path, the upper air path to the rotor and the lower air path of the ventilation cyclone. The other small air duct is used to supply air to the vibrator of the hopper, and there is also a pressure gauge in the downwind circuit to monitor the working pressure of the material conveying pipe.
5. The system of shotcrete machine is composed of a feeding hose and a nozzle, the nozzle is die-casting from a polymer material, and the water pipe, water ring, and water valve are fixed on the nozzle.
6. Electrical control box (no control box when explosion-proof motor is used) is composed of an automatic leakage air switch, an AC contactor, a fuse and a start stop button, which can realize the protection functions of leakage, overcurrent, short circuit, etc.

shotcrete machine for tunnel subway slope support

After sales commitment:
1. The shotcrete machines for tunnel subway slope support we sell are guaranteed for more than one year. During the warranty period, we can provide damaged parts (except for some vulnerable parts) for free.
2. In case of major failure of the products we sell or problems that customers cannot solve, we promise to send people to the site to solve them within 48 hours (some remote areas may extend the time limit).
3. The construction machinery products we sell are simple and durable in structure and material, and easy to maintain. It will not cause the complete machine to fail to operate normally due to the damage of some small parts. According to our long-term statistics, more than 95% of machine failures can be solved under the guidance of our technicians.
4. The bridge and tunnel series shotcrete machines have independent intellectual property rights and patented technology. In addition, they can also customize relevant personalized products for users, and provide a series of solutions.

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