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The development trend of Robotic shotcrete machine

2023-01-28 22:19:10

At present, the main equipment of shotcrete is the coexistence of dry spraying machine and wet spraying machine, and mainly relies on manual spraying. However, in recent years, with the development of modern technology and the widespread promotion of wet spraying technology.

Robotic shotcrete machine for sale

Robotic shotcrete machine has also been rapidly promoted and developed in China, and the promotion of Robotic shotcrete machine has received more and more attention. The main reasons are as follows:
1. User habits: In China, dry spraying machines have been used as the main operation equipment for a long time, but in recent years, under the joint promotion of the owners and construction units, wet spraying operations have become more and more recognized. Compared with dry spraying, Robotic shotcrete machine has obvious advantages and produces good economic and social benefits.
2. The domestic environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more stringent, and the national policy encourages mechanized and intelligent construction. The Ministry of Transport of my country and the technical guidelines for the construction of high-speed railway tunnels clearly pointed out that new types of machinery and equipment for tunnel construction should be widely used, and it is also clearly required that the sprayed concrete should be wet sprayed. Shotcrete should be wet sprayed, dry spraying is strictly prohibited.
3. The research and development capabilities of domestic equipment manufacturers have been improved, the domestic products have become mature, and the products have been standardized and serialized. The level of localization of Robotic shotcrete machine has been greatly improved. On the premise of ensuring performance, reasonable cost reduction makes the domestic robotic shotcrete machine far more cost-effective than imported products, and the purchase cost of equipment users is greatly reduced.

Robotic shotcrete machine

Reasons for the popularity of Robotic shotcrete machine for sale:
1. Wet spray trolley is a high-performance product developed by us. On the basis of similar products, in response to customer requirements, the design of safety protection devices, humanized voice prompts and alarms has been improved to make the operation more convenient and safer.
2. For the consideration of pumping displacement, real-time automatic adjustment of the flow rate of the quick-setting agent is realized to achieve the best injection effect and the best economic benefit. Real-time automatic control of the quick-setting dose to match the concrete volume. When the pumping displacement changes, the flow of the quick-setting agent is automatically adjusted and changed accordingly; the operator can manually adjust the dosage at any time according to the spraying position and spraying effect.
3. Under the premise of ensuring that the upper steps do not exceed 5 meters, and the safe step distance from the palm face to the inverted arch does not exceed 35 meters, the middle steps are appropriately lengthened to 12 meters, which is convenient for the vehicle-mounted Robotic shotcrete machine and the mixer truck. It can meet the concrete spraying needs of the upper, middle and lower steps and the inverted arch. The problem during construction is that the single injection volume is large, the accelerator is added frequently, and the use of alkali-free accelerator is increased.

tunnel used robotic shotcete machine

What are the advantages of Robotic shotcrete machine?
1. Manufacturer's advantages: We have strong equipment resources and service guarantee capabilities. We have a service guarantee system composed of site accessories warehouses, professional training technicians, and service engineers. Stations provide "nanny-style" services to provide you with strong follow-up construction. technical support.
2. Product advantages: our wet spraying machine is the most cost-effective, well-configured, and has almost no wearing parts within a year. The system has high reliability and stable delivery volume. The main sealing parts are automatically lubricated, and the grease filling amount and filling time are automatically controlled, which greatly prolongs the life of vulnerable parts.
3. Service advantages: Our construction machinery has a service team of more than 60 people composed of operator training technicians and service engineers. Relying on and fully integrating the service outlets of concrete pump trucks that have been built, a number of equipment service points have been established in major cities and key railway lines under construction across the country to provide professional technical service support.

development trend of Robotic shotcrete machine

For more than 20 years, our construction machinery has successfully provided high-quality machinery and equipment services for a large number of projects, developed more tunnel mechanized and intelligent machinery products, and built a leading brand in the robotic shotcrete machine and tunnel complete equipment industry.

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