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Shotcrete machine for gunite concrete

2019-03-20 14:25:19

Dry mix shotcrete machine is also known as gunite machine, dry materials are fed into hopper, and then material is gravity-fed from hopper to empty pockets of the rotor body. The rotor body is driven by a motor and gearbox, rotates. The material-filled pocket is positioned under a compressed-air chamber.  Addition of compressed air lifts the material out of the pocket and into the material outlet. Dry material is conveyed in suspension through the conveying hose to the gunite nozzle where water is added and mixed evenly with the dry material.

gunite machine rotor system

Rotor system

Usually, the total gunning system consists of 
gunite machine, water supply, air supply and material supply. So suitable discharge air compressor is essential for gunite concrete. According to different spraying capacity, gunite concrete machine is divided into LZ-3 (output capacity 3m3/h, max. aggregate size 10mm), LZ-5 (output capacity 5m3/h, max. aggregate size 15mm), LZ-7 (output capacity 7m3/h, max. aggregate size 15mm), and LZ-9 (output capacity 9m3/h, max. aggregate size 20mm).

dry mix shotcrete machine

LZ-3A concrete gunite machine

Considering that some working site without electric power supply, besides electric motor drive, we have also air motor and diesel engine for option. Compared with electric motor and diesel engine, air motor need much larger dischargement air compressor. Because blowing and spraying materials need compressed air, air motor rotating also need compressed air.

Shotcrete gunite machine is applied in many concrete construction applications, like concrete / bridge repair, mining, pool construction, tunneling, Soil Stabilization etc. Customers could choose suitable concrete gunite machine according to different project demands, like required output capacity, max. aggregate size, electric power supply condition etc. More detailed product information, you could visit our website:

LEAD company is very professional in concrete gunite machine, have exported our machine to many countries, like Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam etc. Received better feedback from our customers. 

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