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Sand mortar spray pump for wall building

2019-03-21 11:15:10

Mortar spraying machine main use actually is also very much, it besides basis for indoor and outdoor wall spray processing, also can be used for bridges grouting and waterproof coating processing. In addition, the mortar spraying machine can carry out fire prevention materials spraying, even finish on the top of the smallpox processing, even if the mortar spraying machine used in the garden can also get a better effect. Mortar spraying pump can also used in the tunnel and dam, even the use of slope, it is not only the construction more convenient, and the equipment is very light, as a whole is very convenient. Small automatic wall spraying machine, two people can operate, the model is small and easy to move.

mortar spraying pump

Sand mortar spraying pump is a new type of liquid conveying machine with the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable work, convenient use and maintenance, continuous and even liquid output, stable pressure and so on. Before the mortar spraying pump is working normally, inject a small amount of water into the inlet of the conveying hose, or pump the water with a screw pump to wet the conveying hose, and then gradually discharge the water in the tube from the outlet. The drainage should be clean and no residual water should remain in the pipe. Stirring materials must be added continuously in the hopper to ensure the continuity of the spraying work. When the spraying work needs to be paused, press the stop button to make the operation more convenient. Before the spraying work is finished, close the air pump after the remaining material in the hopper is sprayed, and stop after the spraying. Remove the gun and disassemble the parts and clean them one by one. Inject water into the hopper and press the button to wash the water. When the nozzle is out of clear water, press the button to stop, remove the transfer hose and roll up.

Sand mortar spray pump

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