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Advanced performance of foam concrete

2019-03-25 17:28:12

Foam concrete block (also known as autoclaved aerated block) is a kind of aerated concrete block. Its appearance quality, internal pore structure and service performance are basically the same as autoclaved aerated concrete blocks.

foam concrete block

The internal pores of the foam concrete block are not connected, and the internal pores of the autoclaved aerated block are connected, so the foam concrete block has relatively better heat preservation performance, lower water permeability and better sound insulation effect!

Autoclaved aerated concrete block production, using internal foaming agent (aluminum powder) to release gas foam by chemical reaction, while foam concrete block production, using (foaming agent) physical foaming through the foaming machine, then adding bubbles into the cement slurry Mixing; autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are autoclaved, and foam concrete blocks are maintained at room temperature or dry heat.

In summary, the appearance, internal structure, and technical properties of the foam concrete block made by our foam concrete machine and the autoclaved aerated concrete block are basically the same, and the main differences between the two are foaming, manufacturing methods and curing processes.

Advanced performance of foam concrete block

Features of foam concrete:

1. Lightweight and high strength, reduce building load: dry density 320-1200kg/m3, which is 1/5-1/8 of ordinary concrete or block.

2. Good thermal insulation, sound insulation performance: its thermal conductivity of 0.06-0.16w / (m. k), 24cm thick wall insulation is 58dB, to meet the building exterior wall, household wall insulation, sound insulation requirements.

3. Good compression performance: compressive strength is greater than 0.5Mpa, the highest strength can reach more than 10.5Mpa.

4. Good earthquake resistance: Since the foam concrete block is a porous material, it has a low elastic modulus, so that it has good absorption and dispersion effects on the shock load, and the foam concrete block is light in weight, effectively reducing the construction, the smaller the building load, the stronger the seismic capacity.

5. No cracking, long service life: foam concrete block will not appear cracking and empty drum phenomenon, no need to brush the interface agent when used, anti-aging performance is outstanding, long service life.

6. Good water resistance: the water absorption of foam concrete material is less than 10%, which is obviously different from other wall self-insulation materials.

Promotion and application prospects of foam concrete:

Foam concrete blocks are characterized by light weight, high strength, water and moisture resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation, and comfortable living. They are new products for energy-saving building materials, comply with the national wall reform policy, and receive government support. The preferential policies such as tax and wall refunding fees reduce the construction cost, and the construction unit is willing to adopt it; the product is rich in raw materials and low in cost; the product has simple production process, low investment, quick effect, high profit and environmental protection.

performance of foam concrete block

Foam concrete can be used to make precast products, such as, CLC blocks, foam concrete panels, also it can be used to cast-in-place works, directly pouring the walls, floor heating, roof insulation, fill in voids, etc. If you want to know more information about foam concrete, pls feel free to contact us.  

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