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The role of liquid quick - setting agent when wet shotcrete machine is used

2017-08-18 11:40:25

The wet shotcrete machine uses the force of compressed air to spray the concrete with the quick-setting agent onto the rock surface or the surface of the building, and can fill the surface of the cracks and pits, the rock surface or the building is reinforced into a complete Stable, with a certain strength of the structure, so that the rock or structure to be strengthened and protected. Shot concrete according to the state of the concrete at the nozzle can be divided into two kinds of dry shotcrete and wet shotcrete. Now let's take a look at the importance of adding liquid quick-setting agents to wet sprayers:

The wet shotcrete machine can spray the concrete on the surface of the structure by air pressure to fill the concave and convex parts of the structural surface to form the whole load-bearing structure, so that the effect of stabilizing and reinforcing the structure can be achieved. Wet shotcrete machine is construction convenient and low cost. As a kind of admixture, quick-setting agent has an important effect on the shotcrete. When the quick-setting agent is not used, the shotcrete has a high rebound rate and is prone to collapse due to the high coagulation speed. The use of quick-setting agent, because it can reduce the concrete coagulation time and improve the early strength of concrete, better solve the early instability of shotcrete problems, so in the tunnel, mine roadway support is widely used.

Therefore, regardless of the wet shotcrete machine or dry jet spray concrete, quick-setting agent are essential for additional materials. In general, dry spray using powder quick-setting agent, wet spray using liquid quick-setting agent. The performance of quick-setting agents directly affects the quality of shotcrete. Therefore, domestic and foreign research on the injection of concrete admixture materials put quick-setting agent in a very important position. Understand the importance of wet quick spray machine to add liquid quick-setting agent, hope that the majority of customers carefully choose wet spray machine liquid quick-setting agent, so that for your concrete spray construction to bring higher quality. 

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