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China spraying machine for slope project

2017-08-19 14:30:33

Spraying machine are mainly used for slope project, soil wet spraying machine can be used for miscellaneous stones and poor soil, slope instability, soil slope, and stable slope operation.

China slope greening machine
working step is: Flat surface, playing anchor, hanging net, spray broadcast grassroots, sprayed grass species, covered with non-woven fabrics, and sprinkler conservation.

During the slope greening project, tools used as following: Forklifts for feeding, sieve may be used for sieve, a truck, water pump or a sprinkler.

After spraying, remember to cover non-woven fabrics, regular water it and weeding. This can ensure the grass in a better condition.

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China slope greening machine

soil wet spraying machine

spraying machine for slope project