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Refractory mixer machine factory

2018-11-13 10:04:18

Refractory mixer machine is a mixing machine specially produced for refractory materials. It adapts to the high temperature resistance of refractory materials. It can provide customers with professional mixing and matching, metering technology solutions and refractory automatic production line design.
As refractory mixer machine factory, Lead Equipment could provide LRM100, LRM250, LRM500 and LRM800 refractory pan mixer for customers according to the different project demands.

Refractory mixer machine factory

For LRM100 and LRM250 refractory pan mixer, equipped with walking wheel, it is easy to move in working site. For LRM500 and LRM800 refractory pan mixer, because the machine itself is heavier, consider stability during work, could not be equipped with walking wheel, but we design forklift hole in the mixer frame, operator could transport the mixer using forklift. Whichever mixer, they are reinforced with bolt in high wear resistance steel drum liners, making the refractory pan mixer the most durable refractory mixers on the market.

Refractory pan mixer machine


Compared with other common mixer, refractory pan mixer has some outstanding features, as follow:

★ Fast mixing speed and homogeneous;

★ Equipped with high pressure water washer device, easy to clean;

★ Easy to move, equipped with forklift hole;

★ Manual discharge door, Hydraulic discharge door for option;

★ Soft start device protecting motor for LRM500 and LRM800;

★ Operators platform with safety rails and ladder for LRM800.

Refractory mixer machine

In order to achieve better mixing effect, our pan mixer is also equipped with water pump, it is main used for adding water for refractory pan mixer.
Three adding water outlet make adding water even throughout the mixing process. Want to know much more working video information, please check the below link:
If you have a purchase plan regards refractory pan mixer, please tell us freely. Our website is 

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