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Foamed concrete plant manufacturer

2018-11-14 10:07:12

As an experienced foamed concrete plant manufacturer, we have been developing, producing and selling foam concrete plant for 10 years.

foamed concrete plant manufacturer

Foamed concrete has no pollution to the natural environment such as soil, water and air. At the same time, foamed concrete can be used in the construction of filling project to avoid damage to the environment such as high filling and excavation.
It is of great significance for protecting natural ecological environment and has obvious environmental protection advantages.

The foam concrete containing a large number of closed pores inside, the air has the best thermal inertia compared with other materials, and greatly reduces the thermal conductivity of the foamed concrete material. Therefore, in the field of building energy conservation, foam concrete is often used as insulation materials.
Foamed concrete is a Portland cement product with good durability and corrosion resistance, heat preservation, antifreeze and anticorrosion, which effectively prolongs the service life of the structure.

Since the production point of foam concrete can be separated from the on-site construction pouring point, and the construction space occupied by the pouring point is extremely small, it can be constructed in a narrow space; combined with the self-leveling characteristics of foam concrete, it is filled with self-compacting, without vibration and rolling, construction convenient and efficient, it is an excellent material for filling narrow spaces and underground caves.

foamed concrete plant

The deep tunnel will still undergo creep deformation after the completion of construction, and it is easy to damage the structure due to excessive deformation pressure. Due to the high compressibility and good ductility of foam concrete, it does not cause overall damage after a large deformation occurs.
Therefore, foam concrete, as a filling material for the tunnel, can bear and absorb the deformation pressure and improve the force of the structure. At the time of the earthquake, the foam concrete has low density and the horizontal inertial force is small.
At the same time, the foam concrete has low elastic modulus, good impact energy absorption performance, good cushioning property to the structure, and the protection structure is not damaged by earthquake.

Foamed concrete contains a large number of air bubbles, which is lighter than ordinary civil construction materials, and its bulk density can be adjusted between 5 and 13 kN/m3. The core of lightweight applications is to reduce loads and reduce post-construction settlement and uneven settlement.
The traditional filling materials are often covered with soil and concrete, and their self-weight is large; the lightweight materials are light in weight, the load is small, and the other structural layers are less disturbed, and the structure can be used for the purpose of reducing the load.

When we make the fluid foam concrete, we need the foam concrete plant and other related foam concrete plants. Because if we need to make foam concrete blocks, we need foam concrete block/brick moulds; if we need to make foam concrete wall panels, we need foam concrete wall panel machine; of course, we must need foam agent to produce rich foams.

foam concrete plant

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