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Hydromulch machine for sale Australia

2018-11-12 10:07:54

This hydromulch machine is used for seed plants, such as spray seedings, flower species, etc. Hydromulch machine for sale is mainly used for road slope protection, railway slope protection, mountain greening, lawn greening, etc., water, loess, rice blast (grass soil or sawdust or Peanut shell, etc.), adhesive water retention agent, grass-shrub seeds are common spray materials. Hydromulch machine for sale saves time and manpower.
The hydromulch machine Australia mainly reduces the processing burden for the roadside green, instead of the artificial planting; it greatly improves the planting efficiency and success rate. It is an ideal and efficient option for greening and slope protection.

hydromulch machine

The hydromulch machine for sale Australia is mainly composed of a diesel engine, heavy duty slurry pump, tank, a stirring device, universal nozzle, electric control box and other main components. It does not need to be equipped with an air compressor when spraying. Usually it placed on the truck. The truck slowly moves, and the greening works are done. As for hydromulch machine Australia, it uses direct pump drive, Unique direct drive configuration utilizes an in-line, single shaft clutch/pump design. This provides good horsepower utilization to achieve desired discharge distance while reducing maintenance costs.

hydromulch machine for sale

Compare to the dry shotcrete system, hydromulch machine does not need the air compressor, extra mixing system. Dry shotcrete system also need a long hose, and it is not easy to move. Many workers should be at the working site.

hydromulch machine for sale Australia


hydromulch machine Australia

Lead Equipment offers several tank capacity hydromulch machines at a reasonable price. Check out our extensive list of affordable machines built by leadcrete hydromulch machine manufacturer. Details on each of these models are listed on our website. Looking to buy a new hydro-seeder or hydromulch machine for sale? Have questions about our hydromulch machine Australia? For more information on pricing, features, etc. please feel free to contact us:

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