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Refractory pan mixer mixing refractory materials in steel plant

2019-03-14 15:50:48

Refractory pan mixer is one kind specially designed for mix refractory materials, castable in steel plant. Different with common concrete mixer, there is high wear-resistant steel liner in the mixer bottom and inner wall, five pieces different purpose mixing arm could make refractory materials mix evenly and void sticking. Usually, refractory mixer is equipped with water pump, it is used for automatically adding water, and control the amount of water through the time relay.
Refractory mixer is available in a stationary or practical mobile design, is characterized by top performances. It owns some advantage feature, such as:

★ Special designed for site operation;

★ Fast mixing speed and homogeneous;

★ Compact structure;

★ Comfortable feeding height;

★ Easy to move;

★ With bag breaker;

★ Water spray nozzles;

★ Low maintenance cost.
Nowadays, we have LRM100, LRM250, LRM500 and LRM800 refractory pan mixer for customers’ option. We could also design other model mixer according to the customers’ demands. Because of LRM500 and LRM800 refractory pan mixer larger mixing capacity, they are equipped with soft start device, which is used for protecting motor when block.

refractory pan mixer

LRM100 refractory pan mixer

refractory materials in steel plant

LRM500 refractory pan mixer

refractory pan mixing machine

LRM800 refractory pan mixer


If the top lid door is opened in between the operation, machine can stop automatically. Because there is a limit switch between the top lid door and the hopper, once the top lid is opened, the power will cut off automatically and confirm the safety for operator.

refractory pan mixer limit switch

limit switch

Pan mixer for refractory could also work together with refractory wet shotcrete machine, used for refractory materials spraying project in the steel industry. We have exported to our mixer to Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia etc. countries, and receiving better feedback from customers. More detailed project information, please check our website:

You could also click the working video link:

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