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The Use and Application of Refractory Material

2022-07-21 16:41:32

Refractory material should never be utilized if it has been damaged, unsealed, or exposed to moisture.
It is not possible to combine materials made by two different manufacturers or two distinct materials.
It is not advisable to employ refractories that have lumps or water seepage in the bag. Refractory materials may be compressed into lumps during storage and transit. These lumps are easily removed by hand rubbing and won't have an impact on how well the refractory material performs.
In order to ensure that the mixed material is installed before molding, the amount of refractory material that has to be mixed each time is determined by the workload and shouldn't be too great each time.

refractory material

Every time metal melts are produced or high temperatures are brought on by combustion processes, refractory materials are needed. Both the installation and the protection of people are served by these materials. Numerous ceramic and inorganic components work together to achieve the refractability. Therefore, while treating refractory materials, good quality is crucial. The binder (such as water) and dry material should be blended thoroughly.
For the processing in the dry refractory gunning technique, a pulsation-free conveyance and a good, homogeneous moistening are crucial. Leadcrete offers rotor and pressure vessel refractory machines for this purpose.

refractory material use

Leadcrete created various types of refractory gunning manipulators for hot repairs in steel and metallurgical facilities that enhance the working environment of the steel smelter and lower the danger of accidents.
For better durability of coke oven walls, coke oven doors, and oven hoods, gunning repairs are appropriate. In this instance, gunning mortar is used to seal the newly formed fissures. By using this technique, the service life of coke ovens can be extended to 8 years. In the past, spraying machinery was used to fix gunning. Only an inadequate durability of the gunning mortar was reached as a result of the large water share and low gunning pressure. That was the rationale behind switching to dry gunning for the repairs (torkreting). The most recent technique is flame welding, in which welding powder is sprayed to the heated oven wall using gases.

refractory material application

The dry gunning approach is discussed in the section that follows as being the most cost-effective of the three techniques. In this instance, the dry gunning material is fed into an air stream, and water is only barely sprayed on it at the nozzle. High pressure is used to drive the gunning material into the cracks, resulting in a high level of durability for the repaired region and preservation of the flexibility of the oven wall. A slag hammer is used to polish the crevices and spaces between the stones before gunning. Next, gunning concrete is applied, and a scraper is used to level the repaired area. In order to work with even lower material volumes, Leadcrete redesigned the well-proven gunning machine specifically for this technique. The gunning capacity can be changed between 0,25 m3/h and 0,5 m3/h by using smaller rotors in conjunction with a variable gear motor.

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