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Hydroseeder for sideslope greening

2022-07-25 17:47:36

In recent years, with the continuous increase of highway infrastructure construction, there are more and more roads in mountainous areas. In order to improve the road alignment in some areas, it is inevitable that a large number of high and steep slopes will appear on the roadbed due to deep excavation and high filling. If timely and effective protection is obtained, it is likely to cause the slope to collapse and affect the driving safety; the protection forms usually adopted in the past are mostly measures such as mortar rubble, retaining walls, and sprayed concrete. With the development of the concept of green environmental protection, these traditional protection methods the measures were gradually replaced by the new vegetation slope protection technology.

 hydroseeder for sideslope greening

Hydroseeder is to mix the greening base material, planting soil, fibers and mixed vegetation seeds evenly through concrete mixing to form the base material mixture from the conveying pipe to the nozzle of the spray gun and the water flow from the water pump to make the base material mixture agglomerate. And through the spray gun to the slope, the growth layer of plants is formed on the slope. The hydroseeder is mainly used for the protection of sideslope greening, rock slopes.

sideslope greening hydroseeder

1. Features of Hydroseeder  
(1) It has good stability. Prevent the slope from weathering and peeling, reinforce the slope and beautify the environment.
(2) Provide the reasonable structure required for plant growth on the slope, provide the balanced nutrients required for the growth of the plant growth cycle, ensure the water balance of the long-term growth of the plant, and work with the plants to close the slope.
(3) By adjusting the structure of plant seeds and establishing a reasonable vegetation community on the slope, the coordination and unity of engineering and environment can be achieved.
(4) Fully integrate ecological greening, beautify the environment, protect and restore nature, and promote the sustainable development of human civilization.

 slope greening hydroseeder 
2. Scope of application of hydroseeder for sideslope greening
Hydroseeder for sideslope greening is also suitable for barren soil slopes, severely weathered rock slopes, hard stone slopes, and also for greening protection of other high and steep slopes.

3. Construction technology 
of hydroseeder for sideslope greening
(1) Basic principles
Thick-layer base material spraying and seeding is a green slope protection technology that uses a concrete sprayer to spray the mixture of base material and plant seeds uniformly to the engineering slope that needs to be protected according to the design thickness.
The spraying and seeding technology for thick-layer base material solves the problem that plants cannot grow on rocky slopes by spraying a layer of base material on the slope surface that is similar to natural soil and can store water and nutrients for the growth of plants.
4. Quality control of hydroseeder for sideslope greening
1. Raw material quality control
(1) Greening substrates, anchors and nets must have quality inspection reports.
(2) The particle size of the planting soil must be less than 8mm, and the moisture content should not exceed 20%.
(3) Mixed vegetation seeds have excellent germination rate and ensure quality.
2. Basic engineering quality control
(1) Carefully clean up the pumice on the slope and level the slope. Excessive slope and reverse slope must be trimmed.
(2) Drilling holes are arranged strictly according to the design spacing.
(3) Cement rolls or cement mortar should be filled with drilled holes and tamped.
(4) The net should be tensioned, the overlap width between the nets should not be less than 5cm and tied tightly with iron wire.
(5) The distance between the net and the slope surface should be kept at a distance of 2/3 of the spray thickness, otherwise it should be cushioned with a pad.
(6) The surrounding anchor bolts are doubled.
(7) Set up water interception and drainage facilities for high slopes.
3. Quality control of spray construction
(1) The weighing of materials should be accurate. For bagged materials, on the basis of determining the amount of bags, the mixing amount should be combined with the number of bags as much as possible to facilitate operation and management.
(2) The weighing of mixed vegetation seeds needs to be accurately calculated due to the small amount, and try to avoid doing it on the construction site. The seeds can be weighed and bagged in batches in advance.
(3) The seed weighing process often determines the success or failure of the entire project, so it must be strictly managed.
(4) After the base material mixture is put into the mixer, it needs to be stirred for more than 1min.
(5) The spray should be carried out from the front as much as possible, avoid upward spray, and pay full attention to the concave and convex parts and the dead corners.
(6) During spray construction, keep the spray surface as uniform as possible, and strictly control the spray degree of the substrate mixture.
(7) The thickness of the seed layer must reach 2cm, and it is strictly forbidden to leak.
(8) In rainy days or when it may rain, try to avoid spray construction.
(9) If there is rain within a few hours after spraying, it may cause the loss of the substrate mixture, and protective measures must be taken.
 Hydroseeder for slope greening 
In addition to strictly abiding by the various safety technical regulations formulated by the state and the ministry of communications, the following matters must be paid attention to.
1. Establish and improve the construction site safety organization, set up full-time safety officers, responsible for supervising the implementation of various safety regulations and systems, make safety technical disclosures to construction personnel, and establish a safety responsibility system
2. The construction equipment should be checked frequently, and the operator should operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.
3. When working at heights, the scaffolding, workbench and support should be firm, and a special person should be sent to inspect and supervise each work class.
4. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity, and the electrician will handle the failure.
5. The site should be kept clean and tidy, and the workplace should be flat and comfortable. 

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