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Mud grass seeds hydroseeding machine for green engineering

2022-07-19 18:30:36

The frame, tank, power system, mixing system, transmission system, high sub-glomerate auxiliary system, spray gun, operation box, etc. make up the Mud Grass Seeds Hydroseeding Machine. It is a unique tool used in green engineering. In this apparatus, water is mixed with planting soil, grass seed for greening, a water-retaining agent, adhesive, fertilizer, etc. to create a gelatinous mixed slurry that is sprayed with a pressure pump on the slope to be sowed. The mixed slurry ensures the water and other nutrients required for plant growth while successfully preventing the damage of spraying materials by rainwater, allowing the plants to grow healthily and quickly. This is because it contains water retention materials, adhesion materials, and various nutrients.

mud grass seeds hydroseeding machine

mud grass seeds hydroseeder

hydroseeding machine for green engineering

1. The use of Mud Grass Seeds Hydroseeding Machine for green engineering is simple to maintain and can generally form a ping without watering after spraying, making it appropriate for the slopes of barren hills with sloppy management.
2. It can create a top-notch lawn. The grass seed sprayed by the hydroseeding machine is already germinated, which can reduce the time needed for grass seed germination and create a film on the soil surface that can retain heat and moisture. As a result, the seedling emerges quickly, grows quickly, and can quickly cover the soil surface, as well as purifying the air and lowering noise levels. enhances the stability of the roadbed and prevents washouts. The soil can only be coalesced and water absorbed by plants when they are robust. prolong the use of the road and improve the condition of the road surface. The road itself can be protected from the wind and rain by vegetation and trees on both sides of the street.
3. The conveying distance is considerable: when the solids content in the mud is greater than 80%, a direct spraying height of 50 metres may be achieved, and a multi-stage pressured conveying platform can achieve a conveying distance of more than 200 metres.
4. Highly automated and capable of covering enormous areas with grass. A contemporary, highly effective grass-planting device is the hydroseeding machine.
5. Lawns can be built in a variety of locations, even those where manual construction is challenging. The hydroseeding machine can create lawns on steep slopes and high slopes where hand construction is challenging since it is outfitted with a high pressure spray gun that can be adjusted in any direction and has a lift of 120–150m.
6. Miniaturization: The tank and power system are parallelly arranged, and the engine and pump are directly connected by an electromagnetic clutch, making the entire hydroseeding machine tiny and useful for operation in some confined spaces.
7. Integration: The high sub-dough auxiliary system is added, which is applicable to a variety of spraying processes and realizes multi-machine integration.
The above is the use of benefits of Mud Grass Seed Hydroseeding Machine for Green Engineer and the brief introduction of Mud Grass Seed Hydroseeding Machine for Green Engineer. 

Mud grass seeds hydroseeding machine for green engineering

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