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Refractory horizontal shaft mixer for sale

2022-04-24 14:24:09

Refractory horizontal shaft mixers for sale are specially designed for the refractory industry. It has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, low maintenance, high mixing uniformity, compact structure and stable performance.

horizontal shaft refractory mixer

The refractory horizontal shaft mixer is mixed under the strong shearing action of the agitator. After the rotating mixing bucket brings the material to the top, it is peeled off from the inner wall by the scraping arm and falls down. This achieves a good mix of up and down directions.
We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing horizontal shaft refractory mixer, and our refractory horizontal shaft mixers have been exported to many countries, such as: Serbia, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait.
We can choose from 2 types of refractory mixer, they are: Planetary refractory mixer and Refractory pan mixer.

Planetary refractory mixer

refractory horizontal shaft mixer for sale

If you are interested in our refractory horizontal shaft mixer, please contact us in time, email:

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