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Compact WSS grouting drilling rig

2022-05-12 15:53:38

As a relatively advanced construction method in tunnel construction, WSS grouting method has the advantages of low noise, convenience and speed of construction, and can change the physical properties of the original soil, increase the density of the soil, and improve its compressive strength.

The purpose of grouting includes water stop and reinforcement. It is a new type of foundation treatment method. At present, the commonly used grouting construction methods in China are static pressure grouting, high-pressure jet grouting, deep stirring grouting, etc., These methods have achieved successful experience. This paper focuses on the introduction of double pipe non-shrinkage double-liquid WSS grouting technology, which is an important method for improving underground engineering stratum strengthening, water stop, leakage plugging and waterproofing and engineering rescue means.

Compact WSS grouting drilling rig functions: grouting, reinforcement, tunnel grouting, pit foundation grouting, slope grouting reinforcement, subway grouting reinforcement.

compact grouting drilling rig

WSS grouting drilling rig is mainly used for drilling in various angles of water exploration, coal exploration, gas drainage, dust-proof water injection and other purposes in the mine. It can also be used for drilling on-ground geological exploration, building foundation reinforcement, and other purposes.

grouting drilling rig

Advantages and construction methods of WSS grouting and drilling integrated machine method:
(1) WSS grouting and drilling rig is simple and does not require drilling. Direct grouting after one drilling. The effect is particularly significant for conditions such as pebble layer and backfill that are not easy to form holes. This is the WSS grouting drill. The reason why the hole-in-one machine (that is, the integration of drilling and injection) is popular among manufacturers.
(2) The grouting pipe does not rotate during the grouting process of the WSS grouting and drilling integrated machine, which can overcome the phenomenon of slurry channeling and outflow.
(3) The grout is divided into solution type (composed of A and B liquids and suspension type (composed of A and C liquids). The grout has strong permeability to the soil layer. The method of adjusting the proportion of the grout and the grouting pressure can make the injection The range of slurry is artificially controlled; the setting time can be adjusted, and compound injection can be performed.
(4) Vertical grouting and inclined grouting can be performed, and horizontal radial grouting can be performed by appropriately increasing the pressure.
(5) The slurry is evenly mixed, which can effectively improve the overall strength of the soil and enhance the water-stopping effect.
(6) The reinforcement layer ranges from cohesive soil, sandy soil to water-rich gravel layer and composite stratum, and the soil layer has strong adaptability to soil conditions.

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