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Planetary concrete mixer for brick making

2023-10-09 18:02:49

The vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer itself has a rigorous structural configuration, and the production mixing device has high-performance characteristics. It can complete high-quality mixing work in a short time. Based on the characteristics of high quality, the mixer uses its own advantages to promote the rapid completion of production work and achieve With the high homogeneity of materials, the emergence of mixers has accelerated the development process of mixing in the industry, and the application effect is more obvious. When there is a demand for large production volumes, 2-5 cubic meters of mixing equipment can be selected. The production effect is comparable to that of small machines. There is no difference in type. The vertical axis planetary concrete mixer uses forced dispersion and stirring forces to achieve rapid penetration and crossover within the material. The planetary movement trajectories are complex and diverse. It can complete rapid mixing with materials of different design ratios without causing segregation or stratification. It also able to maintain high uniformity.

planetary concrete mixer for mixing aggregates

The planetary concrete mixer for brick making has a compact structure and high quality. The use of wear-resistant linings reduces the probability of material leakage and reduces damage caused by friction between the mixing device and the bottom. It can extend the use time of the cylinder and realize the use of the equipment. It solves most of the mixing problems and is suitable for concrete, building materials, cement, refractory materials and other fields. The parameters and configuration have also been optimized and adjusted to create innovative equipment more suitable for industry applications.

planetary concrete mixer for mixing cement for brick making

When choosing a planetary concrete mixer, many people will not only consider the mixing uniformity and service life, but also the ease of operation of the equipment. As a general model that can be used in many industries, the planetary mixer has many advantages in terms of efficiency, automation, and matching. The performance is quite good in terms of practicality, and the operation is relatively simple. The mixing production control system displays different work unit interfaces on multiple screens, which facilitates real-time monitoring and production management. The design is beautiful, the control concept is convenient and user-friendly, and the operation is simple and easy to understand. You can start operating it after a simple explanation.

planetary concrete mixer for brick making

The control board of the vertical axis planetary concrete mixer for brick making collects external digital signals to achieve production automation, high batching precision, and strong anti-interference ability. It is tailor-made to ensure control requirements. Automatic operation can be selected to achieve continuous production. The mixer operates with low noise and high Torque, production is stable and reliable, strict quality control is carried out in every aspect of manufacturing and producing the mixer, and there are also automatic high-pressure cleaning, dust removal devices, sealing devices, etc. to assist production, realizing an easy and environmentally friendly production process.

planetary concrete mixer for block making

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