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Refractory site use refractory castable pan mixer

2021-12-24 16:28:55

Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. is a refractory site use refractory castable pan mixer manufacturer. We could provide some personalized customization services for customers, such as: the mixing capacity of the refractory castable pan mixer can be customized according to customer requirements. We have different models of refractory site use pan mixer to choose. Their mixing capacity of refractory castable pan mixers are 500kg, 800kg and 1000kg, etc.

refractory site use pan mixer

We named 500 Kg capacity refractory pan mixer as LRM500. It is a small size refractory castable pan mixer. Its motor power is 11Kw. It weighs up to 1010Kg, and its dimensions is 1.70*1.25*1.35m.
LRM800 refractory site use pan mixer mixing capacity is 800Kg, its motor power is 22Kw. It  weights up 1350Kg and the dimensions is 2.8*1.88*2.64m.
LRM1000 refractory site use refractory castable pan mixer mixing capacity is 1000Kg, its motor power is 37Kw. It weighs up 1680Kg and the dimension is 1.6*1.5*2.14m. 

castable refractory mixing machine

Refractory site use refractory castable pan mixer is widely used for mixing refractory materials, castables, friction materials, chemical materials, precast concrete, mortar, aggregate mixing and glass materials. It also could be used in conjunction with a refractory wet spray machine for refractory spraying projects in the iron and steel industry.

refractory castable pan mixer

Refractory site use refractory castable pan mixer operation introduction:
1. After the refractory mixer is energized, start (stop) the switch through the power distribution cabinet with protection function.
2. When the equipment enters the normal working state, add one or more refractory materials or objects that need to be stirred and mixed into the mixing plate of the refractory mixer.
3. Add a certain amount of water to the mixing plate through a water pump and stir together. After the materials are evenly mixed, open the discharge port and transport it to the location you need through the discharge tank.
4. After all the materials in the mixer are drained, close the material door to complete a mixing cycle.

refractory site use refractory castable pan mixer

Refractory castable pan mixer operation precautions:
1. Preparations before starting: check whether there are sundries in the disk, check whether the bolts in each part are loose or missing, check whether the scraper is loose, whether the angle is correct, and whether the power wire is leaking.
2. Startup: Clear all the materials in the disk to ensure that it restarts after emptying. Turn on the power and start the machine, listen for abnormal sounds, and add materials according to the regulations.
3. Shutdown: Stop the machine after the materials in the pan are finished, and clean the remaining materials in the pan.
4. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine after loading the material first.

Contact us for refractory castable pan mixer details:
If you are interested in our refractory castable pan mixer, please help us confirm the following questions:
1. What is mixing materials with our machine, for mixing refractory, castable or others?
2. What is the mixer capacity you need, 100kg/batch, 250kg/batch, 500kg/batch, 800kg/batch, 1000kg/batch or others?
3. What is the voltage you need, here is 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase, is it OK for you?
We could customize according to your requirements, just tell us the application of the product or the parameter information you need. 

You can send demands to our email, email address:

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