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How to buy a suitable hydroseeder?

2021-12-22 16:48:03

The hydroseeder is a mechanical equipment for slope greening construction, and its quality directly affects the spraying efficiency. Hydroseeder for sale is mainly used for highway (railway) side slope greening, slope protection, mountain treatment, mine re-greening, desert treatment and other projects. Therefore, users will pay attention to many issues when purchasing. Let's take a look at the things you need to pay attention to when choosing a hydroseeder machine.

hydroseeder manufacturer

First, choose the right model 
According to different spraying objects, hydroseeder is often divided into guest soil sprayers and hydraulic sprayers. Only the right model can play the role of the sprayer. To choose a suitable model, we need to consider from two aspects:
1. Choose the model according to the type of slope: the height and slope of the slope are both important factors that affect the selection. The greater the height and slope, the greater the power of the corresponding matching engine.
2. Choose according to the spray thickness: general spraying needs 5-10 cm, and you need to use a water planter; hydraulic spraying or spraying 1-2 cm can choose a hydraulic spraying machine (our hydraulic spraying machine can spray high-concentration mud) .

buy hydroseeder

Second, choose the right 
hydroseeder manufacturer
1. It mainly depends on the thickness of cylinder steel plate, engine power, mud pump, diesel engine and wear resistance of wearing parts. There are many manufacturers of hydraulic seeders, but not many manufacturers can produce economical, practical, convenient and practical spray seeders.
2. To purchase hydroseeder machinery and equipment, you must first investigate the market. Site visits are more appropriate.
3. When purchasing products, check whether the company's strength really exists. Many websites do not have a physical company, so we have to keep our eyes open and evaluate carefully. If conditions permit, you can go to the manufacturer to have a look.
4. Look at the company's product design, quality, and test results.
5. Look at the company's after-sales service and reputation.
6. The best hydroseeder depends on the weight of the equipment itself. When the price of a machine with the same appearance varies greatly, we must pay attention to the internal structure of the machine, and don't covet small and cheap machines.

hydroseeder for sale

If you buy a suitable 
hydroseeder or get a suitable hydroseeder price, you only need to choose an economical, practical and easy-to-operate Leadcrete hydroseeder for sale

hydroseeder for sale with best price

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