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Refractory castable mixer machine for sale

2018-05-23 09:04:22

 refractory castable mixer machine

Refractory castable mixer machine


Refractory castable machine is specially design for spraying refractory materials. Compared with common dry mix shotcrete machine, refractory castable machine have some advantage features, Such as:
★ Refractory castable mixer machine for sale is equipped with ABB variable-frequency drive, could be used to adjust output capacity from 1m3/h to 3m3/h according to project demands. When the machine begins to work, in order to avoid blocking conveying hose, usually output need be small.

ABB variable-frequency drive

ABB variable-frequency drive

★Refractory castable machine is equipped with new type pre-dampening nozzle assy, reduce additive water amount, improve refractory compactness and strength. Low rebound, low dust, it could effectively reduce the waste of refractory materials. As what we all know, refractory materials price is higher than commom concrete, reducing the waste is equivalent to save money for customers. Besides, there are two needle valve in nozzle assy, it could precise adjustment of water volume by adjusting needle valve, if so, it will reduce dependence on operator proficiency.

new type pre-dampening nozzle assy

New type pre-dampening nozzle assy

★Refractory castable mixer machine is also equipped with high pressure water pump, it could provide pressure water in the nozzle, make water atomizing in the water ring, and then make water and refractory materials mixing even. Achieve best spraying effect.

High pressure water pump

water hose

High pressure water pump with water hose 

Many factory want to receive the order from customers, providing lower price common dry mix shotcrete machine instead of refractory castbale mixer shotcrete machine for customers spraying refractory. But the spraying effect is poor, will prodce much more rebound, poor compactness and strength. Want to purchase nice quality refractory castable mixer machine, please check the below link: 

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