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Grout plant for tunnel lining

2018-05-24 13:51:41

Grout plant consists of a high shear high speed grout mixer, a slow mixing agitator and a matched grout pump. Mixers and mixing plants for colloidal mixing of slurries. Pumps and handling systems for the delivery and injection of cement liquids.


Grout station is suitable for all grouting applications with cement and ultra fine cement, bentonite suspensions for microtunnelling, pipe jacking and directional drilling. It is ergonomic, space saving. Some grout plant for tunnel lining, the components can easily be detached from the unit for individual use.


LGP400/700/80 PL E grout plant for tunnel lining has been used by Herrenknecht. They use that for tunnel lining. Herrenknecht is the leading supplier of high-quality tunnel lining production systems for mechanized tunneling worldwide.


Lead Equipment customers that order the tunnel lining grout plant secure advantages through: Individual and cost-effective system configuration; Competent advice and high flexibility; Very little wear and tear and low maintenance costs and the high-quality and user-friendly products


Keeping the entire tunnel lining process in mind, our product and service about grout plan for tunnel project including the grout mixer and agitator, grout pump and grout station. Lead Equipment manages the project on a partnership basis from the first concept until commissioning of the plant, and can also training of the operator’s person.


For more information about grout plant for tunnel lining, please email us:

grout plant for tunnel lining


tunnel lining grout plant

grout plan for tunnel project


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