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How to quickly start wet shotcrete machine

2017-08-04 17:25:53

To make wet shotcrete machine started a successful start, it is a key to do some basic work. So what needs to do before the start of wet shotcrete machine?

1. Check the wet shotcrete machine power is normal.

2. Check the motor and gear pump, and disk a few laps.

3. The pressure gauge switch open, relief valve pressure handwheel release.

4. The wet shotcrete machine suction pipe into the water, so that test machine.

5. Check the motor and gear pump direction is correct.

6. Check whether the hydraulic valve block can control the cylinder reciprocating motion.

7. Start the motor, the system pressure transferred to 1 ~ 2Mpa, test run about 5 minutes (at this time the mixer release valve fully open), if the operation is normal, the mixer will be closed on the valve, the oil transferred to the need The maximum pressure, and then stop the wet shotcrete machine, the whole of the basic work even if completed.

Wet shotcrete machine to start before doing the basic work seems to be troublesome, but it is of great significance to the normal start, I hope we attach great importance. 

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