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High speed cement grout mixer for mining

2017-08-07 14:40:00

High speed cement grout mixer is specifically developed, designed and constructed for producing from liquid and powdery raw materials and absolutely homogeneous, colloidally dispersed suspension.

Cement grout mixer can be used for water, cement, bentonite and additive. High speed grout mixer is special used for foundation engineering, mining, a tunnel and in deep drilling. Colloidal mixer for neat cement grout can also be used for soil nails. High-efficiency mixing that provides a rapid mixing cycle, it saves a lot of time and labor.

Grout mixer is usually working together with grout agitator, slowly stir materials and prevent separation. Mixing grout is quick and easy.

The mixing technology is almost the same as the world famous brand in USA, Switzerland and Germany suppliers.

Capable, trustworthy Chinese
grout mixer for mining supplier, please email us: for more information. 

high speed cement grout mixer

high speed grout mixer

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